Genius Follows Conviction and Your Command

Your Genius Zone begins with you taking a leap towards your “knowingness” even if you are not confident and even if you have no idea what’s next.

Genius follows Conviction and Command.

Your inner genius always commands all energy to serve its greatest expression.

What is the inner yes and niggling little voice often reminding you of or wishing for you?

It never leaves you… you just get distracted with less important to-do lists.

You’ll never live in that zone if you don’t dare leap toward it…… risk the old routine and risk relishing in a path your innermost being paved for you.

Funny thing is you don’t get to play with it unless you are willing to ditch the “if…….. when…….. then………. I’ll do this or that!” Story

It’s all about a next-level paradigm shift and if any of this resonates with you….. if any of what I speak of says “yes I know this is true, but how do I access it? What steps do I take? What is my next right move? “ then I’ll show you!

I just did another power session with a new client this morning who was in the fog, craving more creativity in her biz, know she’s got what it takes but lost so much drive and confidence into which direction, which move etc was right …….. scattered endeavour was creativity a multitude of unwanted experiences yet in a short yet powerful time together she aligned back to her genius and is rewiring brain, body and being to bring in what she was born for.

You’ve done the work before, you are ready to ditch the struggle and the hustle and you are ready for ease.

Time is the greatest freedom. Time is the greatest choice. I created a 6 figure business and lifestyle where I get to keep my son at home during the week, I get to play with him, I also get to spend the hours I want working with people I love all over the world…. on my terms… as a mother, a mentor, a music maker and as someone who is creating an even bigger movement to create a legacy in the space of vibrational medicine and its application in medical and other projects.

I take about 3 months off a year and really don’t work like a crazy woman and I also have plenty of time to keep my creativity tap overflowing in the albums I write and release every year as an artist.

I’ve found a way to do all this and heal my physical body and inner being from childhood health issues……

What’s the solution? It’s not in the mind. It’s not in the limitation you can perceive. It’s not in the boundaries you’ve observed or learned.

It’s beyond all of that yet is all so very simple and practical.

Let’s tap into it…. say yes to you:)

Life is limitless and so are you!

Join me this Sunday for the pre-launch of my new book coming out early 2020.

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Thank you to the lovely Jane Turner for creating this event!

I aldo have 3 spots open for 1:1 work together in my Genius Zone Program. Enquire here