Futureproof Film Video Is Out Now – 11/11

The Futureproof film video is now available!

I’m about to have my 3rd baby and really wanted to release this video that speaks directly to the issues we have been facing these last 2 years.     

With everything changing, it can make us feel a little uncertain or unsure how future-proof we really need to be!

“United hearts we’re a superpower…A time to live, a time to fly… We’re all learning how to die” 

I wrote this to remind us that no matter how much change and uncertainty may surround us, there’s always hope and  love in the world. It’s a time to unite hearts, not isolate people. To reach out in whatever way we can to each other instead of being divided.

So, what makes you future proof?

For me it’s the vision of who I chose to be for people I love and for the lives I have not even touched yet. I keep striving for greater peace, harmony, inspiration and try to grow through what I go through. 

Right now life has been super interesting and challenging with a complicated 3rd pregnancy which I am just waiting out for the last few weeks and my gosh, it’s really reminding me of how very human I am. With the support of friends and family, I have them to thank for helping me through this time so indeed family and friends are top of my “future proof” list.


Love and life are limitless and so are you!