Freedom and It’s Cage: Freedom Or Fear

Wow, sometimes freedom and fear feel the same!

Freedom or fear – sometimes your heart steps into a space of complete excitement and anticipation of freedom but gets simultaneously pulled back like an elastic band of fear.
Like a bird in a cage when the gate opens will you dare to spread your wings or staff safe in your cage?

What is your voice in this world?

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Life throws so many challenges and I’m stretching like an eagle, I’m just curious about how far I’ll go.

I remember how petrified I was to sing with a 40 – piece orchestra or when I knew I would sing at the Sydney Opera House for New Years Eve. There was so much fear and especially for the New Years Event I was 7 months pregnant and many others projected their fears onto me and my body as I had some health challenges. I had to consider was the fear an indication to choose safety or was it an opportunity to really break into a new level of expansive expressive freedom.

How could an aligned soul choice jeopardise me in any way, shape or form? It is my firm belief that it cannot. I remembered an intention I made which was to reach millions of people with a powerful message so that I to could stay in health, alignment and fulfilment. It showed up as these two opportunities so when I considered this, I stepped in with full ownership to claim those opportunities. Now of course, I was bloody scared on all levels and I had the “imposter” syndrome or “who am I to do these things…” but I did it anyway and grew immensely as a result.

I am currently in a space of asking life to show me past my comfort zone on levels in a way that I can grow and expand with. I expect there to be a feeling of some form of excitement in my cells, nervousness or even fear as I am challenged to step into deeper soul, business and health freedom in this world.

Why does breaking through to freedom feel so fearful? It’s a basic human need to be accepted and loved. The limitations we place on ourselves are often unconscious choices carved by those who have had most influence in our life. Those who love us. We accepted someone else’s truth for us because it was packaged up with their love and support. There is a core basic need we have to defend that love, our heritage, our ancestors and genetic history. It plays a key role in staying safe inside an imprisoned idea that will give us the acceptance and acknowledgement we need.

Are you living in the space of defending yourself all the time?  Constantly having to affirm your existence because you are not being or doing what they say or want you to be?

If you are living in a space of constantly defending who you are, it is like you are walking around saying to yourself – “yes, I am alive”, “I AM alive…. Now of course you are alive, you are living, eating , breathing , sleeping but when you are in defensive behaviour or post trauma or still recovering from shock, then it literally is as though you are running a program that sends the message to your body telling it “yes, you really are alive”. Can you imagine how much energy that costs your system?

This is one of the most exhaustive and draining ways to live and most of us are still surviving with it….. finding better ways to manage and compensate for it never asking or acting in alignment with what our core needs are…. what our inner self-needs.

If you want to step  into ditching defensiveness or living out someone else script and stepping into your natural self then let me show you how.

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Whenever we step out from the ideas others have about us, the expectation family, partners and peers have we challenge growth and create new opportunities to freedom.

This ALWAYS triggers a cellular response at a core energy and biological level so the chemicals and feedback the brain has can often feel like fear.

I ALWAYS invite myself and others to recognise the context or choice they made on a conscious level, or to identify the possible unconscious choice so that the “fear” can be recognised as a “freedom” breaking its cage of “disillusioned” safety.

We are always moving toward expansion because doing anything but that is not possible. When we are not growing we are standing still. When we are not expanding we are actually accelerating death and moving backwards, going against nature whilst everything else speeds up around us.

Are you ready to draw the line in the sand and choose freedom?

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