Follow The Nudge with Good Vibrations and the AMAZING Therese Kerr and musical goddess Kathy Brown

Have you been digesting a HIGH INFORMATION DIET?

I have definitely gone through a sweep and cull on having too much info hit my inbox and realized there were quite a lot of updates I was attached to even though I hardly ever read them.

It’s the classical “FOMO” and keep up with what’s happening in my outer world. It definitely puts my “human mind and brain” at bay to let myself just keep them in an inbox I check when I feel to.

The reality on manifestation and next level stepping up though is always about listening to that inner nudge and being 100% NOT NEGOTIABLE on responding to it. Even just asking yourself a question that SNAPS YOU INTO ALIGNMENT.

What’s the question you would ask?

Information and education empowers when you step into aligned action and then it becomes your experience, your knowledge, your truth.

Tuning in and getting the download on what your inner voice has to tell you is the only information you will ever need and when the nudge or whisper inside of you wants you to do something, the most powerful thing you can do is act on it.

What’s the ONE thing you would do tonight or this week that would head you in the direction of that nudge or whisper?

Here is a track I wrote a while back called “follow the whispers”

And to take you further into good vibes, we have my show 11 am today, June 18th with special guest Therese Kerr who has an amazing journey of health, wellness and fame!

Plus the amazing DIVA Kathy Brown!

Kathy is an amazing artist who I got to perform with at the Vivid event and then went on to write tracks with.

She’s truly an inspiration.

We will also be covering all that “good vibes” for life, love and limitlessness.

So make sure to tune in tomorrow at 11 am. (Sydney time)

You can listen live to BondiRadio here: