Don’t Let Another Day Die with the Unsung Hero In Your Heart


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

How many times have you experienced a song that felt like it saved your day? Well, it has happened many times to me and I wonder what inspired that in that creator?

It’s not just a song that can save the day, in fact, it is an idea that is worth sharing or that triggers inspired action in you!

I believe that musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries are the gateway to the future and it is my personal vision to create tools and a system based on maximizing the brain and body to support such leaders and gate-bearers to see their projects thrive.

45% of Australians experience a form of mental health disorders and mood disorders. Infant, it’s not just mood disorders, more and more people are attributing depression and their mood to long exposure of unhappiness and having a loss of purpose in their life.

Every time we become stressed, our body reacts by producing and releasing cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, into the bloodstream. Studies show that high levels of this hormone can produce serious health problems and increase the chances of dying from heart disease.

Have you considered how much stress a business owner goes through? or somebody who has a vision and just feels that they don’t have the resources to help them move forward with that vision?

This is stress that people with a vision experience but what about those that have not yet tapped into a vision and feel life has no direction? There is a whole other level of distress as to feeling disconnected and not knowing how to plug back in! 

How can increased cortisol levels affect your health?

If you have trouble sleeping during the night, difficulty recovering after exercise, or excessive, cravings after 5 p.m., you might be experiencing the effects of high cortisol levels, which result when the body is under intense stress.

The interesting thing that I have discovered as working as a kinesiologist is that more and more people are questioning the meaning and purpose of their life which inevitably leads them to explore what would fulfil them.

After working as a kinesiologist for 12 years I discovered that music was a key component in how it helped me cope with stress and more importantly express myself. I started to reconnect to the writer in me and the inner musician.

A question I like to ask: What inner calling or curiosity have you been suppressing or brushing aside? That is usually the little trigger that can unleash a whole new wonderful path. Just listen and follow its nudge which can start with such little things like “take a left to go to work instead of the usual route to the right”.


I started to connect the dots that it was no coincidence that I grew up with musical parents however I surprised any desire to do creative arts because I was heavily discouraged from doing so. My parents wanted me to be successful and discouraged any career in music as there was not a  lot of “money” in it.

Little did I know at the time that music would become my most abundant source of inspiration, income and “currency” in my career.


After breaking through so many beliefs and “BS” barriers to even embarking on letting music into my life, I realised that if I did not move forward and develop my skills, content, and presence in music, my kinesiology and coaching career would start to flat line.

I was so scared of taking a further step but in 2008, I made a solid choice that I would commit myself to involve the power of music in my everyday life and in my career.

“The unsung hero” that was in my heart was discovering the power of the human voice – my voice in change. It wasn’t until I dared to sing or tone for a group I was facilitating in 2008. I remember the specific moment where I was gearing up to break out of my comfort zone as a “safe” facilitator working through a process with about 20 students – we were working with the breath and taking them on a journey that was to facilitate the connection between tapping into the very seed of passion and desire planted inside the heart and soul of their being and in that moment I chose to sing…. well, what can I say  – I felt my head vibrating, the bones in my skull resonating and it was as if the top of my head exploded and let out a long overdue pressure and release. I overcame my fear and sang a melody to the group during this particular journey.


Now at this point, all were still “inside a zone” so I had no feedback as to how it was received however what happened after that process was amazing. No one knew it was my first time to sing in a therapeutic context however 5 or 6 people came up and proceeded to tell me a very transformational pivotal shift they had. One lady even said that an issue she had been struggling with for years and couldn’t shift , shift in a release of tears the moment she heard my voice.

Now if that wasn’t confirmations to continue what I was doing then I don’t know what was,

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That day  I realized that allowing song and music in a very purposeful, conscious way into kinesiology and coaching sessions and group work was going to be the tool to help people shift in a way my other work couldn’t. I know that song, sound, vibration could reach millions of people when a session of group work could only shift one to a few to maximum a few hundred at a time.


Wow. Since 2008 my journey with discovering the many unsung songs in my being that have reached thousands of people have been key to a vision of dedicated commitment to inspire others and share tools to support total life fulfillment. I believe that musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries are the gateway to the future and it is my personal vision to see these tools support such leaders and gate-bearers to see their projects thrive. If we can collectively reduce the cortisol levels (distress hormones), decrease anxiety and depression and celebrate our artists and leaders as powerful influencers – not just as entertainers, then I believe the world will be a healthier, happier, more socially responsible and balanced place.

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My question to you: What 3 songs lie unsung in your heart that would celebrate you as the hero in your life?