Creating Backbone In Vulnerable Times

I have always been a person to take on any challenge and overcome such challenges whether it be in physical pain or trauma or personal pain or trauma. I have always aspired to not waste time with that which holds you back and literally keep things moving. In other words, get the learning, the lessons and keep growing right?

However what I want to share is that in the last 4 months, life has shown me something different. It’s the vulnerability and building a sense of security and structure when it looks like everything is falling apart!

I have literally been stopped in my physical tracks!

Everything was so joyful and our clinics and business has been ever expanding yet I felt like physically I was not even able to transport my own body! Yes I was still doing support and sessions yet since my son’s birth, I was experiencing severe back pain that had me crawling just to get around and in the last weeks had me limited to a bed and wheelchair. In fact prior to getting worse the only thing that helped me walk was the Sanakey. (read below for more details)

It was when I took it off that exposed some structural problems, I just could not shift with the therapy I was using.  I ended have an emergency spinal operation just 3 weeks ago which was the scariest thing I had been through. Now I know we have helped some of you through even tougher times, so some of you know exactly what I am talking about here.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was with me throughout the battle. Thank you for all of your prayers, energy and help especially for taking care of my little bundle of joy, Lukas during the time when I was not even able to lift him. I am so grateful for being surrounded by people who have been with me through thick and thin, ups and downs. True friends can really be seen during your toughest times and I really can’t find words to say in thanking those people who have helped me in this battle. My husband Honza has been an incredible support – cooking as well as taking me to every appointment I needed and the crazy thing is he actually had his own knee construction surgery 12 hours after my surprise emergency spinal so it was kind of strange and funny that we both were out of action for about 3 weeks.

The challenges have taught me a few lessons. There comes a time in our journey that we face problems, let it be physically, emotionally, and even financially. We get stressed about the not-so-good happenings in our lives. But what’s important is how we handle the situation and embrace it with full strength and receive those issues’ intention for us.

I discovered that I needed to work on things structurally not just in my body and bones but also in other areas and that stepping back. I also realized that embracing no control and vulnerability and allowing myself to do things differently would bring to surface transformations in business, body and brain.


Let me share the THREE helpful strategies on how to reduce STRESS in vulnerable times so you can move through it effectively and with ease, peace and grace.

  • Imagine the emotion that you want to feel and let this be the attitude you want to replace your stress. Focus on it and feel it more to change stress to balance and flow.
  • Seek the help of professionals who can handle with your emotions properly. There are a lot of free strategy sessions just like Kinesiology sessions to help you out.
  • Try relaxing ways like meditation, yoga, candle lighting, music therapy. It is good to know that there are some of the simple ways how to reduce stress in your life. You can listen to music meditational tracks, specifically Music nutritions tracks like “Letting Go Of Anxiety and Stress Track” and “Mastering Mindfulness Track“. These tracks are using specific solfegio frequencies that resonate with particular emotional conditions, and might help assist a positive and calming mind-set.
  • Spend the last 5 minutes prior to sleep imaging, feeling and being already grateful for that which you most want to create. For me it was perfect health and deep joy. Your subconscious mind can be out to work for the time of your sleep. This is the most powerful time of the day to create what you want effortlessly.

Now, I have recovered post surgery and have re-engaged with this amazing unit!  Again it was the only thing that helped me walk!

Here’s a little about Sanakey;

  • Its 100% Drug-Free Pain Relief Technology

Sanakey stimulates sensory nerves to release the body owns powerful pain relief mechanisms.

  • Advance Neurostimulation Technology

Sanakey  locates key treatment points to deliver optimal pain relief.

  • Fast and effective pain relief.

Sanakey provides fast and effective relief from acute and chronic pain.

  • Optional Sanakey App

Sanakey provides treatment guidelines with an optional smartphone app on iOS and Android.


Photo Credit: @myhealthymarketplace (Instagram)

Moreover, Sanakey provides fast and effective treatment applications for conditions that may include General Aches and Pains, neuropathic pain, pain from injury, aggravated joint pain, chronic back and neck conditions, and osteoarthritis pain.

Now that I am recovering and walking again, I want to thank the people who have helped me throughout this challenging event of my life.

I bought this unit and it helped to the point I could not walk without it however sometimes you got to allow angels to work through surgeons and such was my case.

You know I didn’t ever think I’d need surgery. I was determined to keep trying everything and I was told to keep pushing through but I just didn’t know how to recognise I wasn’t improving. I’ve been learning and seeing so much more on multiple levels of perception. I totally believe not only did the surgeons do an incredible job but also that an amazing transformation and purification has taken place.

Thanks to the wonderful Sanakey and to all who have been helping me with this battle!


Are you experiencing Chronic or Acute short or long term pain? Tried everything? Try this incredible device. Sanakey is available here.