Creating a Forcefield for Results

How are you?

It may have been some time since we connected through a Sydney Kinesiology FREE life assessment or perhaps you didn’t take up the opportunity for a FREE navigation or clarity call with me?

It’s a new year and I am sure you have upgraded your intentions or direction so I’d love to help you with some clarity if you need it.

It has already been a crazy new year and I have kicked off some amazing new programs ( well relatively new), the fast track to fulfilment which is a 7 week intense 1:1 program and also the genius zone 12-month program. We also have our amazing 90 Day Turnaround packs at Sydney Kinesiology and my Limitless Program which is an application only basis.

I truly believe we are headed for a new paradigm shift and that is one that many whom my team and I work with already embrace. The shift is that vibration is the new mindset. This really is all the work I have been doing the last two decades.

We cannot actually attract the very things we want if we are not in total aligned vibration with it and that includes, your mind, your emotions, your environment. All things until there is no difference between who you are being and the health, the business, the partner, the lifestyle, the impact, the influence, the brand, the body you are desiring.

Having daily challenges with my growing family, growing business and amazing new growth challenges I am setting for myself are showing me EVERYDAY where I am not in alignment with a particular result I am going for so I can tell you I am practising this on a daily basis.

There are so many things to share with you from gut health – my inner health, outer wealth journey to literally magnetizing clients I have not even “advertised” for. Actually, I have not yet done paid advertising at all except for one online program I run, so it’s just crazy what has been showing up. I also want to share with you how to “call in” your team on all levels.

The other day, I worked with an amazing high-level achiever who was on the brink of her next level and the refined distinction between her calling it in and actually LIVING it we recognised was that it wasn’t about her chasing or jumping on or grabbing her “dream result” but about acknowledging and accepting that she was actually ALREADY inside of it.

It was all about the FORCEFIELD of being inside a magnetic pull where whenever she showed up her energy and vibration was calling in the deals, the dream, the results and I cannot tell you how quickly it showed up within us working together. Well, actually I can. One result happened within 3 hours of our session and the other major result happened for a consistent week long of invitations and engaging opportunities for her.

You cannot make this stuff up.

I mean results where she got a text from someone directly related to the “forcefield” we created within her session.

It’s just amazing, crazy and wonderful at the same time when I get to witness these things unfolding.

Don’t let me paint a rose coloured picture though. There are those moments and scenarios where we get into “the work” and inside your genius zone and all of a sudden you see all the “crap” you may have been engaging or putting up with for decades and like an earthquake it feels like your world falls apart, yet there is a difference.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about the difference of when you are causing an earthquake or reacting and being crushed by one.

Stick tight and I’d love to offer you a FREE check in to literally check your vitals and see if you are tracking with what you need and want.

Please check in and book here as I have a limited 10 days for these check-ins.

This is for you if we have worked together before and its been a while since you had a session and you just want to refine a few things or if you haven’t taken up the FREE call before then now is your chance.

Check here for availability for the next 2 weeks.

Look forward to seeing what me or my amazing team can create with you!