Cell-ebrate Your Mission: Sydney’s Gathering of Healing & Transformational

“Join us for ‘Cell-ebrate Your Mission’ – A Gathering of Healing and Transformational Masters in Sydney! 🌸

Calling all Coach, Healer, Practitioner, and Wisdom Teacher ladies! Embrace the joy of celebration at a cellular level, connecting with a like-minded community and exploring cutting-edge wisdom and well-being practices. 🌟 Let’s create a transformative, rejuvenating experience that nurtures your mission.

Here’s what we have lined up for you:

Authentic Connections: Zoom is great but let’s face it, nothing compares to real-life smiles and hugs. This is your chance to forge meaningful connections and maybe even find your new best friend or collaborator!

Uplift Your Practice: We’ve curated a panel of speakers who are pioneers in their fields, ready to share insights and wisdom that can propel your coaching business or healing practice to new heights. Get ready to have all your cells infused with fresh energy and ideas!

Community & Celebration: Feel the embrace of a community that shares your passion and commitment. A space where you can be your authentic self… cell-ebrated and appreciated for the path you’ve chosen!

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, October 22nd
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: Missony Restaurant, Newtown
Investment: $20 (We’ve got light refreshments and a goody bag waiting for you!)
Dress Code: Comfortable!

Whether you’re seeking a revival of spirit, fresh perspectives, or longing to be part of a vibrant community that understands and cherishes your journey, this gathering is your haven. A space where inspiration meets cell-ebration, and where connections flourish.

Grab your ticket today and come be a part of a gathering that promises to nourish your soul and be a glorious investment in your well-being. Plus let’s Cell-ebrate your mission with gusto!

See you there, beautiful souls!