Can you discipline and focus for 11 days? The discipline of your desire is you!

Can you discipline and focus for 11 days? The discipline of your desire is you!

It’s not about luck. It’s not about perfect timing. It’s always about focus and discipline.

Will you be the disciple of your desire and intention?

Have you considered that the fire only burns when you focus the magnifying glass long enough with the concentration of source/sun energy to create the fire?

It’s the same with your desire and result.

Have you got the focus to truly stand for and be the backbone of your intention?

Magic happens when all these things come together to create the miracle of your intention.

You are the alchemist.

You are the transformer and only you with the help of those you engage to serve your cause can activate that inner force and flame to magnify what you are here to do, express and share that is the moment you are doing you.

No one else has been given this gift but YOU.

The moment I decided to put myself in the way of truth and my divine purpose the more EVERYTHING showed up for me.
Even on a biochemistry level, I have witnessed medical miracles in my body. You can too!

So let me invite you to choose an intention and drive your focus deep for the next 11 days of calling the master within!

Tonight’s the big night! You can’t miss it, so make sure you’re ready for our LIVE session tonight at 8 PM Sydney Time.
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