Becoming the Prime Creator: The Key to Manifestation

The power of manifestation has captivated minds for centuries, and it's no wonder that many of my clients frequently inquire about quick and effective techniques to bring their desires to life. Today, I'm here to share a transformative perspective on manifestation - one that shifts the focus from wanting to creating, from wishing to owning. [...]

Go Quantum Masterclass

00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds There has never been a time more potent than NOW to consciously use SOUND, FREQUENCY & LIGHT to go QUANTUM Have you noticed that time has been speeding up? Or that you are more aware of the "vibration" or "vibe" of a person, event or situation? Are [...]

Genius Follows Conviction and Your Command

Your Genius Zone begins with you taking a leap towards your “knowingness” even if you are not confident and even if you have no idea what’s next. Genius follows Conviction and Command. Your inner genius always commands all energy to serve its greatest expression.

What is the inner yes and niggling little voice often reminding you of or wishing for you?

Instagram Approves Your Enoughness!

If you are a human being will likely be affected by there being thousands of likes or none on a post. Nothing wrong with that at all, however, it is interesting to see your response. And guess what, whether the response is in relation to Insta, FB or twitter or whatever else you use it all boils down to feeling your relationship with the environment you choose to be in whether it is online or in the world.


I know you have done it before……. something did not go as planned, or something unexpected happened… perhaps you are upset by a reaction or someone has triggered you in a particular way.

Parents, partners, kids, family, best friends…………. they have triggered you.

Are you ready to be backed whilst you back yourself?

I’m not sure how often you back yourself but I imagine you have backed many people in your life if not given most of your energy into supporting, going above and beyond and doing your best to serve others.

Are you a high achiever who is underpaid or undervalued?

You deliver amazing quality work, you help others get what they want and whether it is a client or your boss, or the company you work for you consistently deliver because you can’t help but be responsible or accountable to what you say you will do.

Have You Nailed Your Life Purpose? Your mission? Your vision?

Knowing your purpose, your vision and your mission creates a spark that people are drawn to.
Not knowing it and living it can create an anxiety and state of overwhelm, that can shut you down.

You Give So Much Yet It’s Not Shown Up In Your Bank Account

You have massive dreams, people are drawn to you and you know you were destined for more.

You give so much to others yet you struggle to buy the things you want or even need to survive because your clients are not paying you what you are with.

You are or have supported people and they love your insights, they love what you have already created in your life and you seem to wonder why you have not made squillions of dollars…

Freedom and It’s Cage: Freedom Or Fear

Wow, sometimes freedom and fear feel the same! Freedom or fear - sometimes your heart steps into a space of complete excitement and anticipation of freedom but gets simultaneously pulled back like an elastic band of fear. Like a bird in a cage when the gate opens will you dare to spread your wings or [...]