The Antidote : CREATIVITY

As you may or may not have noticed, the reaction is a misspelling of creation ….. Creativity, your expression, is pure light and far more powerful than the reaction or the addiction to being obsessed with what’s happening outside or in media which no one can trust. The media is not your experience, but when [...]

The Number 1 Solution to Immunity and Quantum Health

No matter which philosophy or approach you take all roads lead back to your gut.

After all, it’s one of the brains in your body. I’ve made a point of when working with leaders and those who want to go their next level to address the alignment of the three brains for ultimate success. Your brain in your head, the one in your gut and of course the supreme ruler, the heart.

The UNSEEN World Holds The Secrets To Success & Happiness

We focus on how we look, what we wear, how many likes, what others think and say…….We focus on the number in the bank account, the cars, the material things. Yet EVERYTHING that we see, touch, taste, feel and hear ALL sourced from vibration, a thought, a creation, an imaginative idea or a recurring thought.

Instagram Approves Your Enoughness!

If you are a human being will likely be affected by there being thousands of likes or none on a post. Nothing wrong with that at all, however, it is interesting to see your response. And guess what, whether the response is in relation to Insta, FB or twitter or whatever else you use it all boils down to feeling your relationship with the environment you choose to be in whether it is online or in the world.

You Are Already The ONE THING in Multiple Expressions

I spent almost a decade being boxed up into certain genres of music and sound just so I could live in a particular category on iTunes but somewhere along the way, I got sucked into my boxed self and then boxed my self into what I should create.

Are you humble enough to get out the way?

I recently had to shift something within me to even begin to feel worthy of putting a proposal together for over $200K toward a project I am working on. My body immediately resisted and tensed up about thinking how hard it would be but I chose to shift it.

You Don’t Need More Information!

Are you done with “HOW to” and perfect FORMULA for (x result) type programs? I definitely was. Simply because I was done with feeling like I was not enough or didn’t have enough information to start something or get something done.

Raise the roof on resonance

This is the concept of how I set my next level growth and intentions.
I usually aim high, create an expectation of already being inside it ( not “getting there”, even though I do have to monitor myself about that sometimes) and fill myself with focusing on what’s working.

Align, Activate and Accelerate Supercharge Your Next Level Now with The Heart Map Method

In my experience with over 12,000 sessions and also with myself, I have learned that traditional goal setting doesn’t really work. I don’t know if it just didn’t work for me and I was missing something in the process or if the kind of goals I was setting were too unrealistic, but I would be left with a big gap between reality and the goal I actually set.

Are you a person who tends to worry too much?

Are you a person who tends to worry too much? Are you anxious about the things that you can’t do and even on those that you can? Hey, there are things that you can’t handle because they are not under our control. But this doesn’t mean that YOU are not enough.