Anikiko’s Fuel for Genius Zone Almond bread

Anikiko’s Fuel for Genius Zone Almond bread. So many clients, friends and family have asked me to make them my famous protein nut bread! Why??? Because it is the best tasting delicious healthy body fuel you can get!

Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist!

During the restriction period, I’ve found a way (beyond online sessions) that can really accelerate healing and recuperation.

So I’d love to share something that has been enhancing results in the clinic tremendously. It helped my family tremendously and if I haven’t mentioned it before, it helped my post-birth and surgery to walk within 24 hours and reduced inflammation in my body.

The World Ends Yet So Much Life Begins

As the world literally resets on so many levels it is an opportunity to do the same for your body, mind and spirit.

I don’t know about you but as media blares the world is dying, I have been fortunate and grateful to see life beginning all around me.

The Number 1 Solution to Immunity and Quantum Health

No matter which philosophy or approach you take all roads lead back to your gut.

After all, it’s one of the brains in your body. I’ve made a point of when working with leaders and those who want to go their next level to address the alignment of the three brains for ultimate success. Your brain in your head, the one in your gut and of course the supreme ruler, the heart.

Ditch Burnout, Hustle and Struggle. Step Up Your Internal Capacity Now.

Whether you are building a business or just ready for your next level income or impact, one of the biggest challenges I have seen and documented in many Solopreneurs as well as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies is that they are building from burnout.

Your Soul Found Me Long Before Your Mind Said Yes To Work Together

Your coach and practitioner will only ever be as good as they are curious to discover your wisdom and truth inside of you and your body. It ALWAYS has the answer. YOU always have the answer…..and YOUR soul pulls intelligence and experience from mine to evolve itself to wherever it needs for the next experience in freedom, health, business, wealth or connection.

Pain and crisis will change your brain….. How to get it back.

Have you been in a situation now or long term where you feel like you are slipping and you don’t know where to turn?
Well, the fact that you are reading this and resonate with some part of it says that you are checked in enough to know something is out of joint and…

Creating Backbone In Vulnerable Times

I have always been a person to take on any challenge and overcome such challenges whether it be in physical pain or trauma or personal pain or trauma. I have always aspired to not waste time with that which holds you back and literally keep things moving.