An introduction level and taster of how to Amplify and Enhance your Consciousness using the 3 most important ingredients of Light, Sound and Vibration! Join us as Anikiko reveals essential keys, empowering you to not only dream but also take concrete steps toward creating the life you've always envisioned. Embrace these transformative principles and embark [...]

The Quantum Healing Event – February Edition

Becoming the Prime Creator: The Key to Manifestation

The power of manifestation has captivated minds for centuries, and it's no wonder that many of my clients frequently inquire about quick and effective techniques to bring their desires to life. Today, I'm here to share a transformative perspective on manifestation - one that shifts the focus from wanting to creating, from wishing to owning. [...]

Embracing the Truth Within: Unveiling the Wonders of Existence

Walking through the fields and looking at the sky, I think about the hidden mysteries around us. Life is full of tricks, and things aren't always what they seem. Today, let's talk about finding our true selves and how it changes us. Seeing Beyond the Surface:  Our eyes usually see only the surface, missing the [...]

Embrace the Art of Celebration

How often do you take the time to celebrate the small victories in your life? It's easy to fall into the habit of putting ourselves down, influenced by external forces that shape our thoughts and actions. But what if we could rewrite this default program and create a life filled with conscious celebrations and positive [...]

Embracing the Journey of Resilience and Gratitude: A Story of Empowerment

Today, as I filmed content in the serene park by the mineral springs of Podebrady, Czech Republic, I found myself reflecting on the incredible rollercoaster of experiences I've lived through in the past 5-6 years. It's been a journey filled with hardships, breakthroughs and moments of profound gratitude. Let me share with you the immense [...]

Light that’s infectious

How can you be more infectious with something beneficial? Well, I was thinking it's simple – spread more joy! Indeed, the big birthday sale is almost here and I'm so excited to celebrate with you! Just 1 more day until the weekend birthday sale starts. I'm wondering about a special birthday you had that was super memorable to you? What made it so? [...]

Live Quantum Event with Anikiko

Are you ready to take your healing journey to the next level? Have you allowed yourself to receive and illuminate the Divine spark within you, allowing it to lead your every thought, every action, every emotion and every outcome? I've been playing in the healing space for over 25 years and I'm here to tell [...]

Go Quantum Masterclass

00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds There has never been a time more potent than NOW to consciously use SOUND, FREQUENCY & LIGHT to go QUANTUM Have you noticed that time has been speeding up? Or that you are more aware of the "vibration" or "vibe" of a person, event or situation? Are [...]

ALLOW the universe to manifest exactly what we desire

As we learn more about using the Law of Attraction consciously in our lives, we become masters at visualizing, affirming, and attracting what we desire. We learn how to infuse our desires with emotion and power, we learn how to raise our vibrations through joyful thoughts and align ourselves more fully with the circumstances we want to bring about.

A Secret Of Law Of Attraction

If there is a secret of law of attraction, it is that the non-physical language of the universe is one of vibration, we are all radiating that which we are, we are all giving and receiving vibrational signals on many different levels.

6 Fears and How to Overcome Them – Law of Attraction Classics: Napoleon Hill

Little known in all of Napoleon Hill’s research behind his bestselling books was his uncovering the Law of Attraction – and using it to become a successful author. In his “Law of Success”, he tells how you can overcome fear, develop self-confidence, and apply the Law of Attraction to bring you more money, better health, and personal power in your life

Being FUTURE PROOF in 2022 and Beyond

I am beyond excited to be speaking at this online event which was mind-blowing at Uluṟu last December. Performing and doing the music for cosmic consciousness last year changed my life in many ways. This year along with Sacha Stone and Angela Mary Sciberras, Rufus Rogey  and many other inspiring leaders, I will be speaking [...]

Miscarriage, marriage, music and miracles

This was just one year ago today. And now we have a 3rd Rasberry to bliss us with such joy…. Beyond in love with this being Eliska and my body for being able to give passage to the new Queen and even though we are still in recovery, I’m staying focused on just reminding my [...]

The Antidote : CREATIVITY

As you may or may not have noticed, the reaction is a misspelling of creation ….. Creativity, your expression, is pure light and far more powerful than the reaction or the addiction to being obsessed with what’s happening outside or in media which no one can trust. The media is not your experience, but when [...]

Regenerate , Detox, Anti-aging and EMF protection? In one?

Yes, so you have probably seen all my baby posts and amongst actually dealing with the most challenging of times to be in the hospital in Australia with a prem baby and my own health and birthing challenges one of the top things that shifted and continues to shift my repair is what you see [...]

Meet the new love of our lives, Eliska!

Last Friday at 1.11 am, my water broke and we went to hospital…Eliska was born  at 11:18am on 19.11.21. She’s amazing and her signature is crazy!! Yellow Lunar Sun In total, I Am that I am presence as her Mayan glyph reads. I have to say that her birth brought up every heart challenge, pain [...]

Futureproof Film Video Is Out Now – 11/11

The Futureproof film video is now available! I'm about to have my 3rd baby and really wanted to release this video that speaks directly to the issues we have been facing these last 2 years.      With everything changing, it can make us feel a little uncertain or unsure how future-proof we really need to be! [...]

Grow through what you go through baby!

New birth, a new chapter, I continue to discover what kind of a woman I am becoming and birthing into. Every child changes and evolves you. Changes and evolves your relationship and it is NEVER how you expect. It is ALWAYS next level evolving to whom you were always meant to be. So many things [...]

How frequency can create your best future in health, wealth and relationships?

I’m excited to be sharing conscious conversation with Deb King a long-term friend and amazing life and business coach. We will be discussing how to create your best possible future. You probably already know that I often talk about the impact the unseen world, the world of frequency and vibration has on what we create. [...]

Can you discipline and focus for 11 days? The discipline of your desire is you!

Magic happens when all these things come together to create the miracle of your intention.
You are the alchemist. You are the transformer and only you with the help of those you engage to serve your cause can activate that inner force and flame to magnify what you are here to do, express and share that is the moment you are doing you.

Introducing the NEW Music Nutrition’s Sounds of Resolution Volume 9!

For the times when you surrender and allow truth to be what it is, to see even that
which feels unresolved to be as it is and accept it as resolution as it is.
Letting go of the lie within to truly connect to the real inner truth, the inner voice, the source of all that is, is the key here.

5 Week Success Series Workshop

The 5-week Live Success Series workshop takes you through transformational processes and guided journeys to help activate and align you with what’s essential in your life. With this tool, you can create well-being and call in your cash flow using your gift as your currency.

Like no other + Confess

I wrote this track for my dad and the cinematographer Matthew Horrex was moved by it also because of that “father-daughter” emotion in it.
You know, it was such an amazing team of people with Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett who directed, made it all happen…

You’re not consciously dreaming enough! Are you ready to kill the safety switch?

Imagine if all the world you know was a condition and perhaps even a lie to try to control you? To keep you safe perhaps. Most people choose what they want and who to be based on the influences from media, from what others post they have (which unless you know and truly trust that person you don’t even know is true).

The Call – Anikiko

So I’ve recently connected my new phone to the car stereo and it randomly plays tracks from my library. It’s been the oddest thing. It’s like all the music I wrote ages ago is sending me messages that actually applies to all that happening in the world and life right now!

What are your non-negotiables?

Recently, I was speaking to an amazing mamma who said …. how can you do it? I cannot focus on anything other than my kids and then my brain is fried.
The only reason I can do what I do is because doing what I love is non-negotiable in my life.

You are the gateway. Your consciousness is the gateway!

You are the gateway. Your consciousness is the gateway! Will you dive into the fear and drama presented by mainstream media to elicit more fear and rage and disconnection?
How about that book, song or instrument you wanted to write, sing or learn to play? Or that book you wanted to read?

Complete Restart And Revitalise Program

If you don’t address the underlying feelings and wrong conclusions or thoughts you have about yourself or life then just trying to be positive cannot move you forward…

I’ll be singing at Uluru Ayers Rock Australia for the highest shift.

I’ll be singing here in #Uluru Ayers Rock #australia for the highest shift and conjunction we have experienced in history…… I was born to be here and bow, with my family by my side.

THE BIGGEST SHIFT EVER of 2020 December Solstice Anikiko Sings at ULURU

I’ll be singing every day yet also on 17 and Dec 22 at 4 am. Those who know and feel what’s going down thank you for your energy, support and love as collectively we stand to allow ever more light codes into “hidden” aspects of our consciousness.

The Power of Four Words: What Matters to You?

Do whatever it takes to stay in harmony, in a verse of one love (universe), symphony and synchrony with whatever gives you freedom.

No matter what your universe, I dare you to step in and just fall in love with it as is. Even with the pain it may present. Use your words to spell out conscious creations you most want to see in your reality.

#2020 The year of balance?

This year I’ve been faced with many personal and physical challenges not to mention the impact of global issues right now. #2020 ….. The year of balance? It definitely has been one for creating that opportunity.

Anikiko’s Fuel for Genius Zone Almond bread

Anikiko’s Fuel for Genius Zone Almond bread. So many clients, friends and family have asked me to make them my famous protein nut bread! Why??? Because it is the best tasting delicious healthy body fuel you can get!

OMG 10 years ago today I launched my SOUL NAKED BEFORE YOU ALBUM!

In 10 years, I’ve performed my dream stages like Opera House New Year’s Eve, dang with a full piece orchestra at VIVID, touted Japan and USA, recorded over 15 albums and made Music Nutrition, my healing solfeggio frequency brain enhancement brand.

Mom, superwoman, best friend.

I’m definitely lucky enough to call my mum my bestfriend. She understands life in a way that is rare for most people to grasp.
She has a kindness I’ve never felt from any other human being that I know of. Just a few friends come close to such selfless

I’m Embarrassed to call myself a human being!

I’m embarrassed to call myself a human being. “Don’t go out tonight, it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bad moon on the rise “ What’s it going to take for humanity to just dissolve all this bullshit and work together?

Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist!

During the restriction period, I’ve found a way (beyond online sessions) that can really accelerate healing and recuperation.

So I’d love to share something that has been enhancing results in the clinic tremendously. It helped my family tremendously and if I haven’t mentioned it before, it helped my post-birth and surgery to walk within 24 hours and reduced inflammation in my body.

The World Ends Yet So Much Life Begins

As the world literally resets on so many levels it is an opportunity to do the same for your body, mind and spirit.

I don’t know about you but as media blares the world is dying, I have been fortunate and grateful to see life beginning all around me.

The Number 1 Solution to Immunity and Quantum Health

No matter which philosophy or approach you take all roads lead back to your gut.

After all, it’s one of the brains in your body. I’ve made a point of when working with leaders and those who want to go their next level to address the alignment of the three brains for ultimate success. Your brain in your head, the one in your gut and of course the supreme ruler, the heart.

The way out is through!

A new mum and mother of 2 was my only agenda for the last 2 months and the next few months whilst balancing running a biz and now dealing with effects of this world disruption all while steering a ship and keeping the farm calm!

The Queen has arrived!

Letting go and surrendering more than I ever have is the reason I feel lucky to be alive today. Some of you know the medical challenges I’ve had in my life which kept doctors and this particular birth in close monitor and yet I’m amazed at how lucky I was to pull through such a week.

Accept it already! it’s MORE than OK to WANT MORE

Accept it already! it’s MORE than OK to WANT MORE. I’m super excited to share with you my new training which is a very special offer. For those: Available for more! More cash. More energy. More impact. I used to be available for everyone.

Ditch Burnout, Hustle and Struggle. Step Up Your Internal Capacity Now.

Whether you are building a business or just ready for your next level income or impact, one of the biggest challenges I have seen and documented in many Solopreneurs as well as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies is that they are building from burnout.

Vibration Is The New Mindset

I have something exciting to share. Last Sunday, I had a chance to join Jane Turner’s “Author Showcase” event at the NSW library. The presentations were loaded with wonderful people who shared messages from their own genius zone.

I can say that It’s always about your soul hearing it’s call and using whatever serves for next level fulfillment. How amazing is that right?

Genius Follows Conviction and Your Command

Your Genius Zone begins with you taking a leap towards your “knowingness” even if you are not confident and even if you have no idea what’s next. Genius follows Conviction and Command. Your inner genius always commands all energy to serve its greatest expression.

What is the inner yes and niggling little voice often reminding you of or wishing for you?

Your Soul Found Me Long Before Your Mind Said Yes To Work Together

Your coach and practitioner will only ever be as good as they are curious to discover your wisdom and truth inside of you and your body. It ALWAYS has the answer. YOU always have the answer…..and YOUR soul pulls intelligence and experience from mine to evolve itself to wherever it needs for the next experience in freedom, health, business, wealth or connection.

Pain and crisis will change your brain….. How to get it back.

Have you been in a situation now or long term where you feel like you are slipping and you don’t know where to turn?
Well, the fact that you are reading this and resonate with some part of it says that you are checked in enough to know something is out of joint and…

Good Vibrations, Earthing, Blue light and EMF

You may already know that all I pretty much talk and sing about is frequency and vibration. Whether it is through a song, sound or if we are talking about whether you are in your optimal state of alignment and flow….

The UNSEEN World Holds The Secrets To Success & Happiness

We focus on how we look, what we wear, how many likes, what others think and say…….We focus on the number in the bank account, the cars, the material things. Yet EVERYTHING that we see, touch, taste, feel and hear ALL sourced from vibration, a thought, a creation, an imaginative idea or a recurring thought.

Instagram Approves Your Enoughness!

If you are a human being will likely be affected by there being thousands of likes or none on a post. Nothing wrong with that at all, however, it is interesting to see your response. And guess what, whether the response is in relation to Insta, FB or twitter or whatever else you use it all boils down to feeling your relationship with the environment you choose to be in whether it is online or in the world.

You Are Already The ONE THING in Multiple Expressions

I spent almost a decade being boxed up into certain genres of music and sound just so I could live in a particular category on iTunes but somewhere along the way, I got sucked into my boxed self and then boxed my self into what I should create.

Are you humble enough to get out the way?

I recently had to shift something within me to even begin to feel worthy of putting a proposal together for over $200K toward a project I am working on. My body immediately resisted and tensed up about thinking how hard it would be but I chose to shift it.

Your Next Level Now

Recently, I gave a live seminar about what holds high achievers back in breaking through their next level and I wanted to drill down into one of the things I talked about in the training. It’s truly a key challenge for many businesses and entrepreneurs and when I really understood this in myself a few years ago, I kind of kicked into effortless creation.

You Don’t Need More Information!

Are you done with “HOW to” and perfect FORMULA for (x result) type programs? I definitely was. Simply because I was done with feeling like I was not enough or didn’t have enough information to start something or get something done.

Raise the roof on resonance

This is the concept of how I set my next level growth and intentions.
I usually aim high, create an expectation of already being inside it ( not “getting there”, even though I do have to monitor myself about that sometimes) and fill myself with focusing on what’s working.

Align, Activate and Accelerate Supercharge Your Next Level Now with The Heart Map Method

In my experience with over 12,000 sessions and also with myself, I have learned that traditional goal setting doesn’t really work. I don’t know if it just didn’t work for me and I was missing something in the process or if the kind of goals I was setting were too unrealistic, but I would be left with a big gap between reality and the goal I actually set.

Creating a Forcefield for Results

We cannot actually attract the very things we want if we are not in total aligned vibration with it and that includes, your mind, your emotions, your environment….


I know you have done it before……. something did not go as planned, or something unexpected happened… perhaps you are upset by a reaction or someone has triggered you in a particular way.

Parents, partners, kids, family, best friends…………. they have triggered you.

THE BIGGEST SHIFT – The Day My Mother Said “I Love You”

One of the greatest shifts in my life was at 4 pm one afternoon while I was sitting on my balcony, having a conversation with my mum.

We had been having a 10-year conversation about her wishing I had become a “psychologist” and earning over 6 figures like my fellow university graduates from psychology.

You are Good Enough to Upgrade Yourself Image Now

Thousands of amazing people come to me for mentoring and coaching to go to their next level and after we have a session it’s like they meet a whole new version of themselves for the first time in a long time.

Are you ready to be backed whilst you back yourself?

I’m not sure how often you back yourself but I imagine you have backed many people in your life if not given most of your energy into supporting, going above and beyond and doing your best to serve others.

Are you a high achiever who is underpaid or undervalued?

You deliver amazing quality work, you help others get what they want and whether it is a client or your boss, or the company you work for you consistently deliver because you can’t help but be responsible or accountable to what you say you will do.

Have You Nailed Your Life Purpose? Your mission? Your vision?

Knowing your purpose, your vision and your mission creates a spark that people are drawn to.
Not knowing it and living it can create an anxiety and state of overwhelm, that can shut you down.

You Give So Much Yet It’s Not Shown Up In Your Bank Account

You have massive dreams, people are drawn to you and you know you were destined for more.

You give so much to others yet you struggle to buy the things you want or even need to survive because your clients are not paying you what you are with.

You are or have supported people and they love your insights, they love what you have already created in your life and you seem to wonder why you have not made squillions of dollars…

Are you a person who tends to worry too much?

Are you a person who tends to worry too much? Are you anxious about the things that you can’t do and even on those that you can? Hey, there are things that you can’t handle because they are not under our control. But this doesn’t mean that YOU are not enough.

How to Handle Uncomfortable Emotions in the Most Productive Way

Angry? Frustrated? Depressed? That’s normal. I was feeling it last week more than I have in the last few months but I realized that I was actually angry with myself for not “paying attention to the details” in some important matters.

Magnetize, Manifest and Keep Co-creating with Ease

What you focus on is what you create. If you are always focusing on what to get rid of or what to let go then you cannot co-create and let in that which your heart most desires! It’s kind of like saying “don’t think about the pink elephant in the room behind you”.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work and How the Power of Intention Helps You in Achieving Your Goals

  Are you one of those who believe in New Year’s Resolutions? Little did you know that less than 10% of New Year's resolutions actualize? Yes, and there is a simple explanation as to why. So many people try to make too many big changes and they overestimate what they can do in just one year. They also [...]

Top 3 Reasons Goals Fail And How You Can Create Ones that Succeed

We tend to set goals to get something or have a need met which is often created to really buying ourselves relief and not necessarily creating fulfilment. If you gave yourself permission to truly be selfish and see yourself as receiving the biggest gift you could imagine, what would it look like, feel like and taste like?

These 7 Signs Indicate to Have a Kinesiology Session Now!

Essentially, if you feel there’s something not right with your body, you consider therapy. When it comes to therapy, Kinesiology is one of the most effective procedures that minimize stress and lead you to a happier, healthier life. There a number of reasons to see a Kinesiologist. Here are the 7 signs that tell you [...]

Anxiety: How Kinesiology Can Help Fight Against It

Anxiety affects the way you think and speak and it's normal. But when anxiety becomes so frequent that it begins to dominate your lives, you should take steps to fight against it with the help of Kinesiology. What is anxiety? Anxiety is a condition that affects our daily life. When a person is anxious, he [...]


Have you been feeling ill lately and trying to find a cure for it but still no avail? Don’t you believe when they say you have nothing to worry about your health? If you are among of those people who want to improve their quality of life, then why don’t you give Kinesiology a try?

Your Genius Zone

I am very excited to share that later this year I will be releasing a new book called “Your Genius Zone” Until then, I’d like to explore some ideas with you. Have you ever considered yourself a genius on any level? Would you dare think that there is something that only you can do that no one else in the world can do?

Are You Trapped By Fear And Doubt?

For most people, fear, self-doubt and they are old friends. It goes back to their childhood and for some, it continued until adulthood. Till now some people relate well with staying awake at night worrying about achieving their dream and how they are not good enough in life.

Freedom and It’s Cage: Freedom Or Fear

Wow, sometimes freedom and fear feel the same! Freedom or fear - sometimes your heart steps into a space of complete excitement and anticipation of freedom but gets simultaneously pulled back like an elastic band of fear. Like a bird in a cage when the gate opens will you dare to spread your wings or [...]

When to See a Kinesiologist? Look for These Six Signs!

Fundamentally you actually don’t need a reason! We have been supporting people who are actually now going from good to great! Yes, that’s right. Creating a great life from an already pretty good one!

What “Pisses” You Off, Shows You Your Greatest Values

It’s been a while since I let out a reaction but I had one today! They say keep close a great doctor, lawyer and accountant you can trust! Great ones will change your life and average ones can literally end up costing you your life, business and relationship!

Creating Backbone In Vulnerable Times

I have always been a person to take on any challenge and overcome such challenges whether it be in physical pain or trauma or personal pain or trauma. I have always aspired to not waste time with that which holds you back and literally keep things moving.

What is kinesiology used for?

Whatever kind of disorder it is, injury, trauma, unresolved stress or other disorders occur, energy flow in the body is interrupted, and the whole body is affected. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to locate what kind of disorder is causing imbalances in the body and tries to correct it.

How can kinesiology help you overcome depression and anxiety

People are battling with so many personal ailments today, and depression is one of them. To overcome depression means you have to be willing to do whatever it takes and first of all you have to accept that you are depressed. It is high time you stopped denying it.

What Are Limiting Belief and How They Limit Our Success

Am not perfect, why would someone hire, listen or buy from me, I don’t deserve it or am not worth it, I’ll sound stupid, are some of the things we have heard many people say when they come to visit us for the first time. These are some of the common limiting belief that we [...]

How to Get Into Alignment with Want We Want

Most of us already know that the key to manifesting anything in our lives lies from a law of attraction perspective on aligning ourselves with our source of energy and who we are. To have a vibrational match and help in alignment, we must keep our focus on feeling good and what we want. How [...]

3 Way To Fight Being Unclear and Unlock Our True Potential

What is the true purpose of life? Many of us who are on the path to greater happiness and self-improvement often try to find the answer to this question. But is there an answer to this question? Even as we strive to be loving, compassionate and happy beings, sometimes we are not clear about what [...]

How to Know Toxic People and Three Way of Removing Them from Your Life

Do you find yourself dealing with colleagues, friends or family who are consciously or unconsciously sabotaging your growth, daily activities or happiness? Dealing with toxic people affects our actions at any given moment. Identifying and understanding these individuals and how to manage them is crucial for your happiness, success, and well-being. How to know who’s [...]

The Difference between Goal Setter and Non-Goal Setters

Whether you want to simply become a better person or to climb the corporate ladder, goal setting is vital for any efforts to be made towards success. Being able to set goals and making progress towards those goals will help you in turning your dreams into reality, becoming more successful and achieving your goals. People [...]

4 Steps to Throwing Away the Drama Queen Crown

We all have that time when things don’t work out the way we anticipated and when that happens, we tend to overplay the situation, creating a roller coaster of emotions and the situations turns to be dramatic. There is just a time when somebody just wants attention, there is nothing wrong with being interesting and [...]

Replace your Fear with Power and Control

Having control over your life does not only make you feel resilient but also confident, strong and with untold will and power to handle everything. Control gives you power and with power, nothing is so much of an obstacle that you cannot overcome it. The equal and opposite reaction of power is fear. And as [...]

Get out of the Confusion zone and Exercise Liberty and Discernment in your own way

Life is naturally full of hurdles. Some we can untie the knots by ourselves, and others we have to rely on our friend, family, or online help to solve the riddle. It is, therefore, natural that you will want to seek a second, third, fourth, or even a tenth opinion on a situation you are [...]

The Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Good News for People Suffering from Chronic Pain

Lately, have you been experiencing pain in your body that stops you from achieving your best life and it bothers you? We have good news for you. Just what you need to get back to your healthy self again. The Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF). The PEMF is a therapeutic supplies cells with energy providing [...]

Tips On How To Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions.

The perfect time to evaluate your unfinished goals in the ending year, and setting a new one in the coming year is the beginning of a new year.  A new year always feels like a fresh start where we all have new and great opportunities to achieve our goals through establishing new routines, breaking bad [...]


“So much to do in so little time, “is a phrase a majority use in their day to day lives. In such scenarios, the users of the phrase often give the excuse of an excessive workload as their reason for being caught up with time. While this might be true in some circumstances, the real [...]


The medical industry has always known and used the power and energy of  brainwave entrainment to treat and heal their patients. Since time in memorial, medicine and science have always believed that the brain has the power to release chemical substances and reactions which are naturally produced in the body to accelerate healing of the [...]

Getting Back Your Clarity Through Kinesiology Sessions

Everybody wants to live a balanced life with no imbalances and finding the sense of equilibrium. This is what kinesiology does. Using the muscles a Kinesiologist will assess your health state. They use your muscles to detect the variation of stress in various muscle groups and if any imbalances are found, a kinesiologist will try [...]

Change your life through positive thinking

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve more personal success? Why some people are happier and healthier? Recent studies show that these people have something in common – they are transforming their lives through optimism. Optimism is the tendency to look at the positive side of life and anticipate the best possible outcome. It [...]

Got a Heavy Heart? Let’s Lighten The Load

I am not sure about you but there have been times in my life where indeed I felt like nothing could shift a heavy heart. I guess the heart is the major organ that keeps everything pumping and when it's shut down so does everything else. Now I am not just talking about a heavy [...]

Sound Advise? The Power Of Sound in Healing

Sound can help you heal and change It was William Shakespeare that likened music and sound to love in Twelfth Night with the famous lines: “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”  And so sound and music have its place for [...]

Don’t Let Another Day Die with the Unsung Hero In Your Heart

How many times have you experienced a song that felt like it saved your day? Well, it has happened many times to me and I wonder what inspired that in that creator?

How Can a Holistic Approach Change Your Life

Human movement which involves a therapy that will assess patient’s health by testing the muscles. Simple may it seems, but Kinesiology is not just a treatment. It has the power to treat a variety of health problems; physical and emotional disorders in particular, which can lead to the healing of the body, mind, and soul. [...]

Kinesiology For A Happy, Peaceful and Stress-Free Life

In this ever- fast pacing world where we are constantly in battle to achieve extraordinary results and meet high expectations in our work and relationships, it’s easy to cave into the pressure and the victim is always our health and wellbeing. Stress-related illness are the most prevalent forms of ailments in any society because most [...]