The medical industry has always known and used the power and energy of  brainwave entrainment to treat and heal their patients. Since time in memorial, medicine and science have always believed that the brain has the power to release chemical substances and reactions which are naturally produced in the body to accelerate healing of the body. We shall look at the benefits of sound healing with brainwave entrainment and how it can help in relieving of emotional scarring, physical healing, and trauma reliving.

Advantages of sound therapy or brainwave entrainment can be classified into three categories. Starting with emotional, physical, and mental. These three areas are what compromises of the whole being of a total person. Let us look at the different categories.

Emotional Benefits of Sound Therapy

  • Anxiety reliever
  • Boost confidence levels
  • Ability to control temper and relax
  • Increased patience levels
  • Ability to effectively express oneself
  • Improved mood
  • Increased ability to express and control emotions

Physical Benefits of Sound Therapy

  • Chronic tiredness relief
  • Reduces episodes of breath shortness and tightness in the chest
  • Sense of life balance

Mental advantages of Sound Therapy

  • Increased positivity and motivation in life
  • Better planning and organizing skills
  • Increased length of concentration
  • Increased self-control
  • Reduced anger episodes

So how does sound therapy achieve all of these benefits?

By use of measuring equipment and unending years of intensive research, it has been recorded that the lower brainwave states (8-12 Hz) promote healing through stimulation of the body’s immune system. The lower delta of (0.1-4Hz) puts the body in deep healing state through the accelerated growth of hormones. This form of sounds can be such as the Music Nutrition tracks.

During the treatment, session there is a remarkable improvement in the general outlook of the patient. The chemical reactions from the sound therapy bring out feelings of bliss and delight. Sound therapy also helps in situations where patients are in a depression, are feeling suicidal, trauma, deep emotional scars from as far as their childhood. It also helps further in the physical healing of cuts, wounds, and burns injuries.

This is achievable through drug use and combination with sound therapy such as Music Nutrition tracks to get the body’s internal mechanisms to promote healing. There is hope for everybody especially now that the technology has it in all the labs all over the world. Especially now with Music Nutrition tracks and beats available both on the internet and compact disk form for everyone’s personal use.

Anybody who wants and need healing be it physical scars, emotional weariness, or getting rid of bad habits you can now do so easily. People should take the advice and at least give it a trial. Music Nutrition tracks has the benefits of sound healing and brainwave entrainment.

Here's a sample of a Sound Therapy Session (Wellness Retreats & Yoga with Anikiko Sounds Of Solace @ Karma Kandara)