Being FUTURE PROOF in 2022 and Beyond

I am beyond excited to be speaking at this online event which was mind-blowing at Uluṟu last December.

Performing and doing the music for cosmic consciousness last year changed my life in many ways. This year along with Sacha Stone and Angela Mary Sciberras, Rufus Rogey  and many other inspiring leaders, I will be speaking about being Futureproof in 2022 and beyond sharing recent experiences of my journey this year and what we can do as true creators to step into what we want to create.

Join me here and if you feel you need discount tickets then pls message me.


Being FUTURE PROOF in 2022 and Beyond

Anikiko’s powerful vocal sound healings at a 432hz frequency, sent tingles down everyone’s spines at last year’s conference, including the phenomenal solstice ceremony.

This year, Anikiko will be talking about how to be a divine creator – a self-sufficient being of mastery during the seemingly impossible times we’re going through. Reactivate – ie ‘creative’ misspelled, is feeding the old paradigm, and some of us are here to hold the light force. The antidote to everything is putting your conscious creativity to use.

Anikiko will be sharing the new paradigm shifts and the new economy we are entering and how to magnify and maximise the opportunities we have as humankind in stepping into our creator abilities.

This potent presentation will empower you to call on your own strands of DNA and activate your I AM. The dark cannot penetrate the light. The light created the darkness and it can only be consumed by light. This is the time to FUTURE PROOF.

Anikiko, as a kinesiologist and vibrational healer, is using bio-resonance technology, combined with sound frequency to vibrationally align and balance energy for more rapid healing, connection to soul and source and more harmonised living. Discover the ways that humanity can re-learn the secrets of the universe and the ways that you can tune yourself into a higher frequency.