Bad Moon Rising Is Now Out!

Thank you for accessing the Bad Moon Rising. I mean, what a song!

Recording this track gave me goosebumps and listening to it during the current world event still sends shivers.

I really wanted to create something different with this sound. A complete departure from the jolly original track. The original production is so boot-tapping boppy, I wonder how many people actually really listen to the lyrics.

I’ve started this song with the second verse, as it just set the scene to what’s coming in the chorus. I dare say, we are yet to see more bad moons rising.

All the more important is to keep raising your personal vibration, staying in appreciation of what you love, what lift you and others up, creating a conscious expression of who you are… what we all need, what this world needs.

Instead of dissolve and separate, it’s time to unite and strengthen all forces of light and love. This is a unique opportunity like never before and an exciting time to be alive for the creatives, the creators, the out of the box thinkers, the artists to open the gateways to the future.

I celebrate you all, love you all.

Love and life are limitless and so are you!


Credits: Thank you Kevin Kelly for your music video.

Produced by AniKiko and Fluid Perception Beats.

Original song written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

About Anikiko: