ALLOW the universe to manifest exactly what we desire

As we learn more about using the Law of Attraction consciously in our lives, we become masters at visualizing, affirming, and attracting what we desire. We learn how to infuse our desires with [...]


A Secret Of Law Of Attraction

If there is a secret of law of attraction, it is that the non-physical language of the universe is one of vibration, we are all radiating that which we are, we are all giving and receiving [...]


6 Fears and How to Overcome Them – Law of Attraction Classics: Napoleon Hill

Little known in all of Napoleon Hill's research behind his bestselling books was his uncovering the Law of Attraction - and using it to become a successful author. In his "Law of Success", he [...]


Can you discipline and focus for 11 days? The discipline of your desire is you!

Magic happens when all these things come together to create the miracle of your intention. You are the alchemist. You are the transformer and only you with the help of those you engage to serve [...]

Introducing the NEW Music Nutrition’s Sounds of Resolution Volume 9!

For the times when you surrender and allow truth to be what it is, to see even that which feels unresolved to be as it is and accept it as resolution as it is. Letting go of the lie within to [...]

5 Week Success Series Workshop

The 5-week Live Success Series workshop takes you through transformational processes and guided journeys to help activate and align you with what’s essential in your life. With this tool, you can [...]


Like no other + Confess

I wrote this track for my dad and the cinematographer Matthew Horrex was moved by it also because of that “father-daughter” emotion in it. You know, it was such an amazing team of people with [...]


You’re not consciously dreaming enough! Are you ready to kill the safety switch?

Imagine if all the world you know was a condition and perhaps even a lie to try to control you? To keep you safe perhaps. Most people choose what they want and who to be based on the influences [...]


The Call – Anikiko

So I’ve recently connected my new phone to the car stereo and it randomly plays tracks from my library. It’s been the oddest thing. It’s like all the music I wrote ages ago is sending me messages [...]


What are your non-negotiables?

Recently, I was speaking to an amazing mamma who said …. how can you do it? I cannot focus on anything other than my kids and then my brain is fried. The only reason I can do what I do is [...]