Are You Trapped By Fear And Doubt?


For most people, fear, self-doubt and they are old friends. It goes back to their childhood and for some, it continued until adulthood. Till now some people relate well with staying awake at night worrying about achieving their dream and how they are not good enough in life. Their fear and self-doubt are holding them hostage and they just don’t know how to get themselves out of a situation.

Things that lead to fear and self-doubt

People just don’t get trapped by their fear by coincidence. There are things that may lead to being held hostage by fear and doubt. For many people the cause of fear and self-doubt is associated with:

  • Imposter syndrome: for most people, they feel like imposters where they feel they don’t deserve anything, including their accomplishments. They feel they are successful by fluke.
  • Comparing yourself with other: self-doubt means lack of confidence in who you are. When we have self-doubt, we lost confidence in who we are and start comparing ourselves to others. We believe that other are better than us.
  • Fixation on a particular outcome: one thing that holds us back from achieving our dreams and lead to fear and self-doubt is the fear of failing. We don’t realize other outcomes of our efforts instead focus on a particular outcome.

How to conquer fear and self-doubt

So what can you do to finally make peace with fear and self-doubt and start shining in your goals and beyond?

  • Know why: search for reasons why you need to achieve something. Why you need to start a new career, why you will risk humiliation, rejection, and failure. Knowing why you want to do something will give you a clear, compelling answer for doing it.
  • Leave your comfort zone: we are all in some type of comfort zone, but dwelling in that comfort zone gives birth to fear and self-doubt. Leaving your comfort zone is indispensable for self-doubt and help you turn fear into action, fueling confidence along the way.
  • Reframe your thoughts: whenever you feel inadequate, pause and reframe your thoughts. Think about people who are waiting for your work, and those waiting for you to make things better for them. Focus on your energy and avoid nursing uncertainty.
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