Are you humble enough to get out the way?

One of the most effective mind storms and whole body realisations I have had is the moment I realised just what it meant to be in the way of the work I was born for.

Just what it really means to get self-conscious.

To worry about what others think.

To think that I am not enough for whatever thing I was going for.

To be “too busy” to do my inner work.

To have the excuse that I am a busy mum or have all these obligations so I do not have time to do a particular course or training or to take the daily essential time I need to keep me in the high vibrational state of being and receiving.

But the joke was on me. I still battle with the seductive voice of fear or “EGO” in that it convinces me I have to be more or convinces me I am “too tired” and that I should sleep in or rest more and let me body heal or whatever other excuses I create that results in me no either sharing my message why you, writing another song, my book, or taking a new step (often uncomfortable) in reaching more soul mate tribe people like you.

I have been there and at every “next level” I am facing a new challenge as I mentioned above. It has nothing to do with what I am going for.

I recently had to shift something within me to even begin to feel worthy of putting a proposal together for over $200K toward a project I am working on. My body immediately resisted and tensed up about thinking how hard it would be but I chose to shift it.

You may have my Lucid scale chart already and if you don’t, then I’ll tell you that on the chart I was way in a space of about 3/10 of frustration and felt like I was pushing. Well, I flicked the switch and flipped it into a deep state of appreciation (9/10) about having this challenge. I mean wow, here I am having a challenge about a $200K proposal for my project and this is a fantastic problem to have. So I got into excited and a state of total joy around this and wrote my proposal from that state and space.

For me, this is just practising learning how to receive and knowing I am enough, my project is enough and more than enough to be a game changer in this world. It’s all about being open to known and unknown sources of nourishment.

You are more than enough yet you well know that there is a voice in you that challenges this at times.

You are enough because you exist.

In fact, ENOUGH is ENOUGH about not being enough or feeling like you gotta be, have and DO more.

I mean where did you let the ego and fear and the frustration and the tension to be the loudest voice?

And when?

Are you ready to flick that switch forever? Cos you are the bottleneck.

Sure it may have been someone or something that suppressed you before you knew better. Well, you know better now. You are stalling it. No one else anymore. Not your kids, not your husband, not your body, not your job, not your business………. not the market…….

It’s YOU!

and of course, it’s me in all the above as well. Enough is enough right?

That’s what I have been hearing from amazing clients who check themselves and dare to go deeper. They DARE to say ….hmm OK what if I took that moment to say EVERYTHING that’s happening around me that I am witnessing or reacting to is my co-creation. I am gonna OWN it and let’s OBSERVE what shifts.

Don’t get me wrong. We are not doing a self-blame game here. Just EMPOWERED SELF AUTHORITY and RESPONSIBILITY.

I want to hear from you and what comes up for you about being enough.

Is it your voice? is it a voice you learned from someone else?

So many clients are actually living in reaction to whatever an authority figure drilled into them and so on….

For me, I definitely can connect to the “not enough” coming from always needing the approval of my bigger brother and a deep desire to make sure my parents were happy.

Whatever it is for you, are you ready to really get humble, get out your own way and ditch that “external” voice that has been running the show?

I’ve been excited about a new course idea that has sent shivers down my spine…… “ Enough is Enough…. I AM MORE ENOUGH”

Does this speak to you?