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My Complete list of course and programs.

If you’re ready to pursue a different path or go to the next level in the one you are on and don’t know how to get unstuck or where to start, you’re in the right place.  I designed my packages with real transformation, support and accountability needed to make sustainable changes to your work life.

Enjoy my content, my words, my music, my creations as they will touch and transform whatever level you are ready to shift if you let them.

There has never been a time more potent than NOW to consciouly use SOUND, FREQUENCY & LIGHT to go QUANTUM!

Have you noticed that time has been speeding up? Or that you are more aware of the “vibration” or “vibe” of a person, event or situation? Are you finding that you are listening to your intuition more than ever and connecting with what sound and feels right in your heart?

Pay attention! These experiences are part of a massive collective upgrade that is happening to and FOR each and every being. It is your chose to FOCUS that energy into what you deeply want to create and into that which FUELS and EXCITES you.

RIGHT NOW you are more supported than ever to apply what I am about to share with you in this masterclass consciously, with intention, purpose and delibratness. You are being called now as its a very special and unique time, never before experienced in the history of the planet.

There is a quickening and invitation for those ready to accelerate their life and the life of those around them.

Are you ready to BE the ALCHEMIST and CREATOR you were born to be?

Join us for up to 2 LIVE sessions a month diving into YOUR QUANTUM ZONE!

This is an opportunity to have an expert kinesiologist and high-performance coach unlock your solutions and answers to keep you moving and growing in all the areas you want to see results in.

Anikiko has over 22 years of experience and well over 12,000 sessions behind her assisting those ready to move to the next level of success and fulfillment.

Going QUANTUM means going beyond where you have been before and accessing your divine greatness and potential now.

  • Connect from your home or office and experience the power of online group sessions to unlock roadblocks and stresses to unleash your full potential in life and business.
  • In just one session, see how you can transform an aspect of your life through just turning up and setting an intention as well as accessing breakthrough tools you can use for life
  • Combining performance coaching with kinesiology is an incredible and unconventional way of rewiring your brand, body, and brain to create massive results, dynamic living, and total fulfilment.
2 sessions a month | Live mentoring and kinesiology sessions for just $1 only!

11:11 Calling The Master Within

Are you ready to activate the mastery within you? Are you ready to step into inspired, impactful, clarity where you pull your results in like a magnetic force? Are you ready to be a forcefield of the flow of that which is your desire to create? Get ready!

This is a powerful opportunity to find out what’s really holding you back from feeling more energized in your body and in your life to focus that energy into ultimate manifestation. In this program,  I will break down the true meaning behind this type of experience and give you the tools necessary to take full advantage of this special sign being sent to you. It’s time to be open for the opportunity that waits only for you to reach out and grab it and say YES to it, YES to YOU!

This is the only and place you’ll get hundred dollars worth of content and get it for $167 AUD only!

Intensive 7 Modules with Anikiko for 21 Days To See You Ready to Shift Now!

  • We will move through the very things that have held you back in claiming and launching you or your gift or product.
  • Become an ideas machine ( and know which ones to actually produce).
  • Dare to charge what you are really worth.
  • Ditch perfection and procrastination.
  • Say “YES”  to monetizing your offer

$920 AUD only (Installment 3x monthly)

Complete, Restart, and Revitalise is a 3 hour 3 step simple and effective pay-it-forward.

If you don’t address the underlying feelings and wrong conclusions or thoughts you have about yourself or life then just trying to be positive cannot move you forward…

Let’s take initiative and use the window of a highly charged time of year for change. Taking a day out in this holiday period will prove to have exponential benefits as we take a step toward ourselves and away for a moment from the craziness of Christmas.

For an early bird price of $147, get access to the program plus the Genius Mastermind Group instantly!

21 Days +  7 powerful modules to radically shift ANY block around money, energy, manifestation and MORE. 

      • What are you available for? .

      • Follow the inner voice that whispers and dreams and longs for your ultimate fulfilled you. The inner you that wants to see your soul expand to full expression through your art, your music, your book, your movie, your family, your blog, your business, your wealth and most important through co-creating a vehicle with you, the human, as a team in a very abundant and incredible journey that leaves a legacy and makes a dent in this universe is the TRUEST you.

21 Life + Biz Changing Days  for only $217 AUD – 3x every 2 weeks (Installment payment)

4 WEEKS of mind-blowing content, experience, sessions and audio tools.  Join me in drawing the line on your success so you no longer come from a place of not enough but now come from a place of more than enough!

  • Imagine if new clients were magnetically drawn to you because inside of you is a certainty that magnetizes just those clients that are easy, curious, open and love to do the journey with you or your product as their support.
  • Imagine if you made a paradigm shift that could happen in our first session together that will change your life forever and from which you will have a platform of centeredness, certainty and conviction on ALL levels.
  • Imagine if something within you shifted so much so that people felt differently when being around you, they felt uplifted or calm and just happy.

$220 AUD ONLY (3X Installment) Say YES to YOU now!

11 Days of daily shifts to go from powerless to your genius zone creation now

  • I want you to bring to the table your commitment and desire to shift something that has been a MASSIVE STAGNATION in your life!
  • I invite and DARE you to step into DRIVER seat to co-create with yourself, with me and with your whole being something you truly want to focus these next 11 Days on!​
  • This is for you if you ONLY want to start saying YES to projects that are in your GENIUS ZONE of creation and collaboration you are ready to keep going the NEXT LEVEL NOW .

$117 AUD only (Installment)

Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration with my 21-Day Detox Program!

  • How often do you detox? It is known that detoxifying your body provides a number of benefits. To make your detox routine more effective and beneficial, we are inviting you to join our 20 minute morning guided meditations with Anikiko using her Harmonic Healing Sounds during times of detox and healing your body.
  • While you physically detox your body, using specific frequencies and guided words and intentions, I will hold space for your intentions and body repair for 21 days so that you can transform not just your cells but also your state mentally, emotionally and energetically.

$439 AUD only


A 6-week program that helps you align with the abundance you were born to have and to unpack where your greatest assets are, align you with your value so that you can trade, partner and be your TRUE VOICE for work impact.!

  • We will address the foundations and your capacity to grow you, your business and your abundance as well as increase your financial intelligence.
  • Does this sound familiar?
    • Only just making payments for the MUST pays and not enough for cash flow for building wealth
    • Spending countless hours attending more workshops to be “ready” to launch your idea or product?
    • Feel like you can’t get on top of it all.
    • Get so overwhelmed with social media and all that it takes to get things launched or started that you feel deflated about getting your message out there?
    • Feel overwhelmed by life, your business and what you have to do to get “ahead”
    • Have been sitting on various ideas, programs and still have not gotten started.
  • Then this is the right program for you to overcome the above challenges and transform, evolve and enliven you and your message in business, relationships and life!

Be inspired to create health, wellness and abundance in your life. Register now!  $586 AUD only.

Making enough wealth to be able to live the life you really want is always exciting and attractive.

  • Upgrading from your current wealth and health status can be a challenge. A lifelong one at that.  Step into your ultimate receiving potential and double the reward and benefits in your wealth and health with Upgrade, Uplift, Upscale Your Relationship with Wealth and Health program.

For $143 AUD only, let’s all improve your health, wealth and happiness!

Music Nutrition’s Enhanced Programs Membership

  • As a member, you can incorporate it into your family’s routine, share it with your children, or integrate it into your professional practice, whether you’re a presenter or work with others. This music serves as a harmonious backdrop to the wisdom you impart while guiding others through transformation.
  • Music Nutrition is thoughtfully designed with the intention, engineering, and expertise to effortlessly resonate with you, allowing you to receive the frequencies and messages within our live recordings of transformation. Join our membership to harness the power of this transformative music.

Join our membership to harness the power of this transformative music for AUD 24.95 monthly only. Instant Access!