At last, the waiting game is over! The Aussie Singer/Songwriter, Anikiko’s latest album is now available!

Marathon writing and recording sessions are indeed worth it!  Anikiko’s latest album in collaboration with the Philadelphian Producer Keath Lowry is now available on download and streaming sites in Australia, New Zealand, and select European countries starting today, 25 November 2016! So, be sure not to miss this, folks!

After 2 marathon writing and recording sessions spanning 48-hours at Keath’s studio in Philadelphia the two created “LiveWire”, a dynamic Electro Pop record that speaks to an “electrifying” passion that can’t be suppressed. Anikiko showcases her versatility, alternating between ethereal vocals and flying sparks of raw emotion over gritty, bass-driven production reminiscent of Bebe Rexha and Melanie Martinez. The composition started as an instrumental brainchild of Keath’s collective LektroMelodica, Anikiko heard it and loved it, setting in motion the melody and lyrics written by her and Keath.

Anikiko is a force to be reckoned with. Performing all over the world and back for singing at Sydney Opera House for New Years Eve Anikiko is a genre bending queen she makes no apologies for her passion for eliciting emotion which is strong and gentle at once. Her presence, attitude and commitment is to performance excellence and to bring that “otherness” to events and shows which people keep coming back for.

Born in The Bay and raised in Philly, Keath Lowry an eclectic songwriter and producer that fuses the resonating lyrical tradition of classic R&B, Pop and hip hop with futuristic production that is just as much soul and melody as it is tech noir.

Listen to Livewire now!

True Voice Global (Australia)
Groove Control Productions (USA)

Composer: Anikiko, Keath Lowry, Zoe Hillengas, Cory F. Wilson
ISRC: US6NX0900093
Publisher: Lazy Lion Music (ASCAP), Lektromelodic Music (SESAC)
Album title: Livewire – Single
Record Label: Groove Control Recordings
P Line: Groove Control Productions, Inc./True Voice Global, LLC
Bar Code: 74634881253

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