Anikiko’s Latest Sound of Fulfillment Released at the MindBodySpirit Festival


Australia’s largest health, well-being and natural therapies event, MindBodySpirit Festival has become a one-of-a-kind, meaningful experience for all of us! It gave way to people to feel pampered through therapies, listen and learn from inspirational seminars, and be entertained by renowned performers like Anikiko.


Anikiko’s passion for music makes her an effective performer who is able to bring fulfillment to her listeners. The MindBodySpirit Festival was also a chance for Anikiko to share her newest Sound of Fulfillment – her latest Music Nutrition release, which aims to provide people with fulfillment by boosting their energy and vibration through music.


You can check out this New Release SOS Soundtrack Volume 4: Sounds Of Fulfilment here: