Anikiko’s Fuel for Genius Zone Almond bread

So many clients, friends and family have asked me to make them my famous protein nut bread! Why??? Because it is the best tasting delicious healthy body fuel you can get! 

Thank you to Ro for the base recipe who is  a client and friend and since making this recipe for years now I’ve changed and added new and wonderful ingredients but you can also change and add any nuts you prefer. I imagine Brazil nuts would taste good.  🙂


  • I eat this when I want to stabilise blood sugars and insulin on my body (I have long-standing endocrine challenges) and when wanting to ride that beautiful space of body balance and hunger balance when I’m in my genius zone and focus zone. It keeps my hunger at bay.
  • Great anti-inflammatory meal/ snack
  • Super easy to make
  • Kids love it
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero carbs
  • Zero yeast


Anikiko’s Fuel for Genius Zone Almond bread 

I make this x2 or x4  as I always give my parents a loaf! So double or quadruple the amounts you see below.

I cup linseed 

2 cup almond meal 

1/4 cup chia  

1 cup sunflower seeds 

1 cup pepita seeds  

1/4 cup caraway 

Sesame seeds on top optional 

Caraway on top optional 

1 cup of coconut flour optional (I generally do not use it) 

A pinch of Himalayan salt (taste as you go. Sometimes I use up to a flat teaspoon) 

1 tsp teaspoon baking powder  

Then mix with  7 eggs depending on size and bake in a loaf tin for 40 mins at 180 degrees.

Storage:  In a tea towel in the fridge so it does not get moist.  It can last easily for 2 weeks.

Tips: We love to thinly slice and toast. It’s that roasted nutty delicious flavour that is addictive though. I love the crunch!!


I really hope you enjoy this recipe as much as me and my family do, and as always if you do please don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up or comment down below your thoughts.