Anikiko Performs at 2017 Premier’s Harmony Dinner


The Premier’s Harmony Dinner is a glittering gala to recognise and celebrate the significant contributions made by our multicultural leaders. This meaningful event was held at Grand Pavilion, Rosehill Racecourse, Rosehill last 16 March 2017.


It was attended by over a thousand representatives of our diverse State. A special part of the event was dedicated to the announcement of those to be inducted into the Multicultural Honour Roll who are recognised for their outstanding achievements in contributing to and building the successful multicultural society that we have in the present.


Anikiko was given the privilege to attend this prestigious event and was given the chance to perform with her harpist, Angela. It was a great performance and remarkable. Truly, the 2017 Premier’s Harmony Dinner was a vibrant night that celebrated the beautiful cultural diversity of our state.


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