Align, Activate and Accelerate Supercharge Your Next Level Now with The Heart Map Method

Ditch goal setting because let’s face it, it doesn’t work. Why?

In my experience with over 12,000 sessions and also with myself, I have learned that traditional goal setting doesn’t really work.

I don’t know if it just didn’t work for me and I was missing something in the process or if the kind of goals I was setting were too unrealistic, but I would be left with a big gap between reality and the goal I actually set.

That was until I realized what was missing………


My brain and behavior were just not getting on track to produce whatever it was I had to do.

I’d find myself setting all these goals yet my behavior was following something deeper within me that I had not aligned with certain outcomes.

I’d feel disappointed. I’d feel like I could not get results. I basically felt ineffective.

Yet if I was really honest with myself, checked in to what I really wanted, it was never just money or a figure or sum of money I landed in my head about what I thought I needed or would make me happy…

It was never a new car (nothing wrong with expensive awesome new cars and tax benefit leases, I just did not have the desire for these).

It was never a new kitchen (not that I didn’t want one, I just knew that I’d get one when and if I needed it).

The goals I was setting were generally disconnected to the very core of me and what I was producing were the experiences that made my soul and feeling of purpose feel fulfilled.

I still, however, had gaps in connecting that to making a greater income of feeling worthy of really pulling in the cash flow or business flow at a whole new level.

Until of course, I started to give myself permission to reach beyond the dream and think about the impact on a whole new level.

Now that’s when things really start moving for me.

I started thinking about the world and the impact I could have if I worked with others that wanted to or already had considerable impact.

That’s when I started to really attract high profiles and incredible game changer clients.

I realized that there was a BIG difference between setting goals and setting intentions.

Now I am going dive deep into this in the special 2 hours or more training and experience.

In this SPECIAL 2 hour LIVE training you will :

  • Get the heart map method
  • Align not just your mind but also your body, your brain and your soul to your purpose
  • You will learn and experience the disparity between choices your brain makes and the choices your body makes.
  • Prioritize EXACTLY the ONE small or big step that will like a domino kick off everything in the blueprint of your heart
  • Get coherent with your hearts blueprint
  • Create a focus that is unbendable for the next 90 / 180 / 360 days) your choice the time frame you choose)
  • SIMPLIFY your process of setting intentions
  • AUTOMATE its success
  • I run this process as a WHOLE day event and have taken hundreds of people through it. This event is only a fraction of the price and I am absolutely excited to give it to you so it is EASY to have the secrets and NO excuses not to say YES to you!

It is not a CONVENTIONAL way of doing it but that is because TRUE CREATORS and ARTISTS take INSPIRED action and step into RESONANCE of their entire hearts desire at a TIMELESS level.

If you’d like to step into the space of creator, owner, captain and manifesto you cannot miss this special 2 hours plus where we will dive and upgrade your identity to that which is inside your heart at a whole new level.

I’ll facilitate the event so that you can fall back and discover what really is right and aligned for you now.

Glide into your next level with peace of mind and soul that you have done the inner work to get clarity and focus which opens the door to your SOUL and spirit taking flight into the path you pave.

There is some pre-work which just takes you to close your eyes and listen.

You will also receive 3 freebies from me!

  • My Secrets to High Achievers Book
  • Success Manifestation transformation Audio
  • My 9 Golden Keys to Success Report