Anikiko is the creator of True Voice Global. She is a mind-body-business mentor and accomplished artist who has delivered over 12 000 sessions.
She has worked with high-performance individuals in every field and world-class people use her work to navigate through the toughest challenges and pivotal moments in their professional and personal life.

About Anikiko:

Hi, I'm Anikiko and I have delivered over 12,000 sessions working with some of the worlds best entertainers, business owners, CEO's, high performers, hero mums and dads, navigate through the most pivotal times of their lives.

I have found ways to cut through the fluff and get results for fast growth & success for those ready to go next level now.

I have discovered that high achievers...always set new challenges, balance the fine line of living on the edge, want “unconventional” ways and are not afraid to bust and break through the blocks on the way.

I am also a mother, a bestie, an artist/speaker, a sister and an auntie. I love my parents and as an artist, I love that my own dad has been my key trumpeter in most of my live performances. He’s the best. I am actually someone who believed I would only be worthy and good enough if I was useful, otherwise I felt like nothing. I undervalued most of the things I created and was baffled by the kind of results I helped people achieve in my early 20’s. I was always somewhat removed by all the things I was creating in my own life. No matter how far I reached, or how many breakthroughs I helped with others, I was deeply sad that I lacked a connection to those events, even the achievements I had made in life. I felt like a bystander responding to everyone else's needs, the world's needs, yet quite disconnected from my own. I was happy with this until I wasn’t of course. Something was missing.

I never really focused enough on money, yet I always made enough. I never settled for doing something I did not love. I have ONLY ever done my passion and was always up leveling with it.

I was and still am fuelled by supporting, inspiring and standing for creating the most impact I can, in record time, with game changers who are sold out to their vision and have fun along the way.

Not too long ago I experienced the “B” trifecta. Back surgery and wheelchair-bound, a new baby, and the birth and death of a big new business within 8 months. This led me to unpacking my genius, my real value and stepping my whole life up in a way that now reaches and uplifts thousands of lives more. I work with other who are natural or aspiring leaders ready to own their voice, connect to a larger community and take things to whatever next level fast. I say fast because usually when people get to me, they have tried and tested so many other tools, mentors and programs that they are actually really frustrated and over ready! So many times the readiness meets me and my job is a whole lot easier!

For some high achievers, I have quite frankly helped them exit an industry to go to their next level of total fulfillment, while others have accelerated, stepped up and claimed their calling on a whole new level of making a massive difference in their community or the world.

Maybe you have global aspiration, as an artist, athlete, teacher, leader, coach or business owner. There are certain things you will have to do to evolve and nail that new level. What will you need to get to the top and maintain it. Maybe you have aspirations to stay checked in and connected to your partner and children while your business is growing fast. Or maybe you need to ditch worrying about what your herd are saying as it no longer reflects where you want to go or who you want to be. Maybe you have made the money, the impact and have high influence but something is missing….

I have spent my life researching and working with incredible people who are ready to align, be aligned in body, brain, business and ALL to be, give and experience life at a new level.

I have mapped out where failure happens and when things are out of balance and harmony. The secret for all my high achievers is working with a mentor, or a confidant to challenge them and be there in their back corner, backing them all the way. Success is like a sweet symphony performed by a full orchestra in harmonies flow effortlessly going from level to level to level.

My background is 20 years a kinesiologist and I qualified as Australia’s youngest, highest qualified specialized kinesiologist. I have brought science and art together by creating an audio brain and body program which is driven by certain frequencies and sounds that are easily absorbed by the body to create deep sleep, focus and success. It's a total healing system to help maintain focus yet totally heal and recuperate when needing repair.

I have also written and produced over 20 albums of music and songs, had several film music placements, performed on world stages like new years ever Sydney Harbour opera house and Vivid light festival.

I believe in you and in the life you were born to have and in creating a limitless life, unapologetically, unconventionally!

Should You Work With Me?

3 Reasons you should NOT work with me

If all you want is more money ...

Let's face it, everyone is making money somehow. Many people want more money and there are plenty of courses and mentors focusing on helping you make more. In fact there are so many ways you can make money. No judgement whatsoever how you make money however, why waste focus or time on just making money when you truly can make money doing what you love, in alignment, having fun AND making the world a better place all at the same time? You just got to put your attention and focus into calling it in. You can make money doing something that will eventually drain and destroy you because you will be bored out of your brains and looking for the next “high” or “distraction” within months or even minutes. I will only work with those who have a mission and a vision, who are sold out to doing their “calling”, their “genius” or their “gift” and sharing their true voice. I know myself. I would get bored otherwise. It all becomes easier when working with clients sold out to their truth and influencing their community from that space.

If you want the quick fix easy way, my team or I are not for you...

You are going to have to show up. Pull the sleeves up and get into it. I definitely fast track for some people what could take months, even years in some programs or sessions however you still need to apply yourself. Eventually we get to a place where a tiny tweak and refinement could mean the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of value and impact in your business but getting to that point takes focus. If you are reading this as a high performance person or achiever then we have no problems here. For some, the easy way is to just pay and get it done. They even think the more they pay, the more results they will get. This is completely untrue. I have witnessed major transformation from some of my free content which could be equivalent to some who have engaged 1:1 and paid tens of thousands . Its all about daring to do the breakthrough and keep challenging yourself . Once you give me and my team permission, don't worry, we WILL challenge you (and hold your hand when needed).I love the work and I have a feeling you will to. To get to the easy way, it takes cutting away all the BS and fluff to carve out the diamond and that takes work. It can be fun with people you love. So if you want it easy, transformation is not a done for you service.

If you are an information junkie just wanting another informational course, then sorry, only REAL transformation here...

I have seen many people collect and hoard more information. The reality is, there is really nothing new. You have heard the same stuff, same advice, same tools and techniques with different new branding and names and this method and that method. What is original anyway?
I will tell you….. YOU are. I AM. Together, when you are ready to co-create and CLAIM your next totally aligned and fulfilled level of complete success then it will be an experience you own. Not something you just read. You may experience this through some of our amazing brain audio transformations or in 1:1 time with me (if I am still offering it). If information is what you want, download some of my free stuff (it will still transform) but if you want to really ditch the drama and get into some truly transformative spaces that will open unexpected results you thought were reserved for other people only, then I welcome you. If you know there is something you have been avoiding, something that maybe only the closest people might know or maybe no one knows….. then lets go. Otherwise, please enjoy my content, my words, my music, my creations as they to will touch and transform whatever level you are ready to shift if you let them.

Are you ready for a reset?

If you're ready to pursue a different path or go to the next level in the one you are on and don't know how to get unstuck or where to start, you're in the right place. I offer one-on-one, groups and programs. I designed my packages with real transformation, support and accountability needed to make sustainable changes to your work life.

Send me a message now. I’d love to connect with you!