7 Ways of Unblocking and Getting Ready to Crank Your Business

We all know the days when you have an endless to-do list, but you feel blocked. By the end of the day, nothing is close to done, all you did was lay in bed or sit on your couch all day watching Netflix. During dissertation or the “block” period you might find it very hard to get motivated to crank yourself. If that’s the case, get ready to start cranking your business with these simple steps.


Get started and moving

Your current position keeps you stuck both mentally and physically. To shift from the block you’ve got to move. Get up, take a walk, pace up and down around your block. Just get your body to move and in the process, your blood starts pumping and you will start experiencing an energy burst.

Move towards productive procrastination

Something needs to get done, it does not need to be something big or your business, do something small but productive. You might not feel motivated, but by the end of the days, you will feel satisfied you made progress in other directions.

Do something fun

If you are putting pressure on yourself, take a short break from that, pick up your phone or iPad and play your favorite game. The point of doing so is to give yourself and your brain a short break. Watch something videos, but don’t change your plan for the day. It’s a short break, not endless googling or hours of playing games.

Focus on your goal, not the plan

Focusing on your goal will motivate you and give you energy. Your plan must not be your goal. This way your plans can be flexible, but your goal still remains the same.

Control your mind

Negativity influences bad thought and negative energy, be positive, let go of all the negative energy and negativity on your mind. Let no room for negativity and you will make things happen.

Take care of your body

Eat healthily, have enough sleep and exercise regularly. Taking care of your body is a great way of being positive and creating positive energy from within yourself.

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