Light that’s infectious

How can you be more infectious with something beneficial?

Well, I was thinking it’s simple – spread more joy! Indeed, the big birthday sale is almost here and I’m so excited to celebrate with you! Just 1 more day until the weekend birthday sale starts.

I’m wondering about a special birthday you had that was super memorable to you? What made it so? How did you express your joy then?

I guess one of the most infectious ways to show appreciation is to be in pure joy, right? It spreads and spreads with no explanation required… It just is. Right?!

That light bursts through all that’s less than light or that is in the way of spreading more light. That’s how I feel right now!

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In the last 5-6 years, my journey has been filled with incredible growth, definitely pain and challenging times as well as the greatest joys I hadn’t thought possible but always deeply wanted to experience!

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