4 Steps to Throwing Away the Drama Queen Crown


We all have that time when things don’t work out the way we anticipated and when that happens, we tend to overplay the situation, creating a roller coaster of emotions and the situations turns to be dramatic. There is just a time when somebody just wants attention, there is nothing wrong with being interesting and lively in our lives, but it should not be dramatic or cause problems. So how can you stop causing drama when things go wrong? Here’s how:

Change your perspective

The first step that gets you on the way to throwing the drama queen crown is to become self-aware of yourself. Know when you’re bringing on the drama. Do you find yourself crying, getting into conflicts or stomping your feet easily or on a daily basis? It’s time you stop making big deals out of every situation. When faced with a conflict take a minute and ask yourself how big the conflict is before making it big yourself.

Stop seeing yourself as the victim

Drama starts when you feel like everyone is against you or has wronged you. When you feel like everybody is treating you horribly, you give people power over you and in the process start obsessing over what they do to you. This may lead you to create drama to seek attention and sympathy. Be positive and start asking yourself positive questions.

Change your actions and upgrade

Though you may have dramatic friends, don’t feed into their drama or other people’s drama. Don’t let them make you angry or rile you up. If someone acts dramatic to you, tell them and yourself that it’s not a big deal and let go. If it’s an unhealthy relationship you’re in, get out of it to avoid firing up drama.

Spend some time alone and meditate

Spend some time alone to meditate and get in touch with yourself. Sometimes, life has challenges, give yourself a chance to clear things on your mind and to calm. Take time to know your legitimate emotions and to be critical about your feelings. Realize the emotional difference between being with your friends and being alone.

Sydney Kinesiology offers many other ways on how to stop being a drama queen. Ways like

  • How to respond when things go wrong
  • Not jumping into conclusions
  • The alignment process

The processes help you to unblock your fear, resistance and help to align your energy with your goals and goes deeper to shifting your energy.


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