Mom, superwoman, best friend.

I’m definitely lucky enough to call my mum my #bestfriend. She understands life in a way that is rare for most people to grasp.

She has a kindness I’ve never felt from any other human being that I know of. Just a few friends come close to such selfless generosity.

She has a wisdom that is ancient yet her own lack of confidence does not acknowledge it.

She’s worked on herself to shift her own issues from abuse from her own father, watching how badly he treated her mum in terms of classic righteous, arrogant, rigid, traditional, closed, angry, limited male he was who did not understand his own rage and just caused hell by imposing his perfectionism on all around him.

She’s the one who got me into kinesiology. Supported that learning and me to become Australia’s youngest qualified kinesiologist.

She drove me to and paid for my study while I was still in high school.

She also drove me to work at Iku Wholefood in Waverley when I was just 15yrs old on weekends at 4.30am for a 5 start because she saw how passionate I was about macrobiotic food then.

My mother’s main wish was to be there for me and to outlive me so she could support me during a life-threatening illness and diagnosis when I was a teenager. She vowed to do what it takes to be my backbone should I be unable to be or stay healthy.

She gives and gives and there is no end to her heart.
Today at 73, she feels sad that she cannot be there to help me with our new baby Anežka because her scoliosis is quite painful so she’s in such regret she cannot do more, yet here I am just overjoyed she has been the best influence of anyone we have spending time with Luki our son.

What a superwoman.

What a mother.

What a human being.

And…….. she’s been a full-time mother to her grand-daughter since @crystalneradilek was 6 mths old.

She’s only ever given up everything she has to give crystal, myself, Honza and our kids more love and presence.

I LOVE you, mum. I write this today because I feel it every day and don’t think Mother’s Day is enough. I want to celebrate mothers who have or haven’t given birth. For if you see yourself as a mother or as such a deep nurturer of the living in that motherly way, I ❤️ u