#2020 The year of balance?

This year I’ve been faced with many personal and physical challenges not to mention the impact of global issues right now.

#2020 ….. The year of balance? It definitely has been one for creating that opportunity.

At the start of the year, I did a live video in our genius zone tribe and talked about this being the year of the heart and moving forward with heart-led business and relationships. In other words, heart-led being that which was aligned to your deepest values and no longer just doing things for the money and putting passion soul-led projects on the back burner.

Have you noticed this year was not just about bringing to the forefront necessary shifts worldwide for a better world but also necessary shifts in personal relationships, reshaping your art, your message and business?

Are you growing your business, body and being for greater impact?

That maybe be all good and well however just doing the inner self-development work is no longer where it is at.

It’s no longer about “growing” business or “transformation” for the sake of transformation.

It is time to take your message globally.

There literally is no time to keep dabbling in spirituality and dabbling with some self-help techniques.

Self-help is out.

Service help is in.

What I mean here is that of course you gotta do the inner work to see outer change but you will notice that self-help is no longer the focus.

The world needs you now.

The focus:

It’s no longer about self success and even the word self.

As a product of helping others find happiness or helping community or service or serving those that do big work, you will automatically self actualise and self heal. You cannot have what you give others.

It’s a universal law.

So I ask you what difference do you want to make in this community?

What do you see they need?

What are you inspired to share?

I’m speaking to those who are drawn to lead in a new way. Those who have a message inside that will set others free to listen and enact heartfelt desire.

If you are a leader noticing even recurring patterns and numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and so on it’s all messages to step into your voice and leadership.

I am inviting you to join me at the 11 Day Challenge – 11:11 Calling the Master Within Program.

This is a powerful opportunity to find out what’s really holding you back from feeling more energized in your body and in your life to focus that energy into ultimate manifestation.

In this program, I will break down the true meaning behind this type of experience and give you the tools necessary to take full advantage of this special sign being sent to you.

It’s time to be open for the opportunity that waits only for you to reach out and grab it and say YES to it, YES to YOU!

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