You Are Already The ONE THING in Multiple Expressions

I spent almost a decade being boxed up into certain genres of music and sound just so I could live in a particular category on iTunes but somewhere along the way, I got sucked into my boxed self [...]

Are you humble enough to get out the way?

I recently had to shift something within me to even begin to feel worthy of putting a proposal together for over $200K toward a project I am working on. My body immediately resisted and tensed up [...]


Your Next Level Now

Recently, I gave a live seminar about what holds high achievers back in breaking through their next level and I wanted to drill down into one of the things I talked about in the training. It’s [...]


You Don’t Need More Information!

Are you done with “HOW to” and perfect FORMULA for (x result) type programs? I definitely was. Simply because I was done with feeling like I was not enough or didn’t have enough information to [...]


Raise the roof on resonance

This is the concept of how I set my next level growth and intentions. I usually aim high, create an expectation of already being inside it ( not “getting there”, even though I do have to [...]


Align, Activate and Accelerate Supercharge Your Next Level Now with The Heart Map Method

In my experience with over 12,000 sessions and also with myself, I have learned that traditional goal setting doesn’t really work. I don’t know if it just didn’t work for me and I was missing [...]