Anikiko is the creator of True Voice Global. She is a mind-body-business mentor and accomplished artist who has delivered over 12 000 sessions.

She has worked with high-performance individuals in every field and world-class people use her work to navigate through the toughest challenges and pivotal moments in their professional and personal life.

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Hi, I'm Anikiko!

I have delivered over 12,000 sessions working with some of the world’s best entertainers, business owners, CEO’s, high performers, hero mums and dads, navigate through the most pivotal times of their lives.

I am dedicated to supporting great people grow. I love people and supporting that which they yet don’t see themselves. I have discovered that high achievers…always set new challenges, balance the fine line of living on the edge, want “unconventional” ways and are not afraid to bust and break through the blocks on the way.

I cut through to the core with a no BS straight down the line efficient approach to creating results. I deeply care for everyone I work with and everyone who engages in any of my programs. Not for the faint-hearted, if you want to upgrade and upscale, surrender into your greatness and genius, let’s ditch the excuses and step into your potential now. Not tomorrow. Now!

My mission is to hold the torch of transformation and pass it onto as many leaders,
game changers and entrepreneurs so they can light up this world
with their passion and vision.

  • Within my first session and every experience since in my program, I have a much happier life, feel calmer, I am no longer having panic attacks that creep up from nowhere... Anyone feeling stuck, going through change or not understanding how to create mental, physical health or emotional solution to work with Anikiko or her team as you'll turn the issue around faster than any other process out there.

    Paige Shirlaw
    Paige Shirlaw Sales Coordinator
  • Ani really supports you in what you want to create in your life. She will push you to break through, she will push you to get better answers and outcomes for yourself but in a very compassionate way. She’s a fantastic coach, it’s obvious she loves her work.

    Beck Fielding
    Beck Fielding Designer
  • "Ani's sessions are the best. I have shifted incredible blocks and reprogrammed old patterns of behavior quickly with Anikiko's insight and help. Evolve and Enliven are the perfect way to get familiar with Ani's method. Can't recommend highly enough!

    Natasha David
    Natasha David Kinesiology Practioner
  • "I can't recommend Anikiko highly enough, She is behind the amazing Creativity Priming Meditation that is part of my Power Writing Program. Anikiko is an absolute expert in her field."

    Jane Turner
    Jane Turner Author/Coach
  • "It is one of the most powerful coaching sessions I've ever had in my whole life. Because in just a short while she was able to help me reframe the story I've been telling myself for almost a decade now."

    BoYee Nataraja
    BoYee Nataraja Dancer, Author and Youtube Host
  • "I made a choice to come and see Ani a couple of years ago. I was going through some pretty tough emotional times and pretty hard choices in my professional life and since I've been working with her over the past 2 years, I have learned so much, I've created so many changes in an area that I don't think I would be able to recognize. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to become more empowered and clear about what they want in life."

    Nick Miller
    Nick Miller Professional Musician
  • "I am still blown away by just how powerful sessions with her are. She is full of enthusiasm and determination to quickly get to the root cause of any issue manifesting in my life and help me move through it. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her and if you are serious about making change in any area of your life, I cannot recommend her highly enough."

    Naomie Harris
    Naomie Harris Actress (the Pirates of the Caribbean and Oscar-nominated role in Moonlight)

I am fully engaged, inspired, and committed to you 150%, also to your team and audience in helping you reach your dream and upgrade to the next level.

Inspirational Speaker

Dynamic and powerful, Anikiko moves audiences worldwide with messages and music creating a memorable impact and inspiring experiences that are hard to forget!

Leader in Kinesiology

The “real deal” Anikiko is a specialized kinesiologist, one of Australia’s veterans in the field having qualified as the youngest highest qualified kinesiologist when she attained her status.

Empowering Mentor and Educator

Her company helps organisations, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to create world impact align brain, business, body and brand with their true voice.

Performer and producer

Anikiko has written, produced over 100 pieces, several albums, performed to live audiences of thousands, licensed her music to film and TV as well as created a whole body and brain audio frequency program to maximize performance and healing.